6 Best Hotel Booking App to Find Cheap Accommodations on your Android Phone

Trivago Hotels

While planning a holiday or a business trip, hotel reservation is the first thing you need to do. With the help of Android phones, hotel booking has become easier than before with the help of hotel booking apps. Many travel and hotel websites have launched their apps which will help you to locate the hotels near your destination, check room availability and tariff. These apps also show cheap hotels and other discount offers, allowing you to choose a hotel with the best price. So if you are a frequent traveler and want to avail cheap accommodations while traveling, then here is the list of best hotel booking app for finding hotel rooms with discount offers.Hotel Booking App

1. Trivago

Trivago Hotels
Trivago is on the top of the hotel booking app list, and there is a reason. It offers you some of the best hotel price deals when you plan a short trip or an extended holiday. You can search for hotel rooms and compare prices before you seal the deal of your choice. You can view all the information about the hotel, tariff, photos, built in map and detailed description of hotel facilities.

In case you need a last minute hotel booking for a quick trip or need a hotel tonight on an urgent basis, this app will cater your every need. You can save money and stay luxuriously too by comparing and choosing the best hotel via this app. The interface is user-friendly and easy to browse, helping you to find the ideal hotel with low price.

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2. Expedia

Expedia HotelsExpedia is an incredibly useful app which is not only helpful for cheap hotel bookings but also for buying flight tickets. It is extremely useful for those people who travel abroad on a regular basis. You get choice of millions of hotels in different locations of the world. The app is easy to use, and you can browse the app just by swiping it with your finger.

You can get cheap deals on hotel rooms and exclusive discounts if you book Expedia reward programs. Apart from offering cheap hotel rates, the app also gives you information about the hotel facilities, direction, check-in and checkout timings and comparison between hotels based on user review or star ratings. Therefore it is one of the best travel and hotel booking app for regular travelers.

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3. Kayak

Kayak HotelsKayak acquires information from various other travel sites and gives you the best deals on hotel and flight bookings. The combination works just fine for the regular traveler and for the people who are fond of going on long holidays. It shows you lucrative hotel rates that suit your budget.

It is a boon for the flight travelers as they can book tickets online, get price alerts and notification of price drop. It also helps you to navigate your way around the airport and tell you all important areas such as shops, restrooms, lounges, cafe shops etc. It allows you to see flight status, track your friends or family’s flight, view arrival and departure time. It lets you see your itinerary even if you don’t have an internet connection. For these reasons, it is one of the best online hotels and flight booking apps you can download.

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4. TripAdvisor

Tripadvisor HotelsTripadvisor is one of the largest online hotel booking sites and a popular site for the travelers. It has a database of hotels of over 45 countries which is incredibly useful for the tourists. You can tap on the app and check the reviews and opinions of the travelers all around the world. You can check the lowest price and compare the price of the hotel rooms. The app will also guide you to book hotels, air tickets, and restaurant table reservations online.

You can see all the hotels and sort them out by ratings, visitors review, facilities and tariff. You can check out the images of the hotels, nearby attractions, food outlets of the destination you are visiting. It also helps the traveler to locate their hotel with the help of the inbuilt map. The app will assist you in finding great deals and discounts on hotel rent and let you choose the right accommodation for yourself.

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5. Booking.com

Booking ComThis app has become immensely popular among the travelers and tourist due to its vast database of hotels around the globe. The app is quite simple to use, contains offline maps and assists to make a hotel reservation as per your desire.  The app provides ample of choice with millions of hotels, apartments and last minute reservation. It lets you book a hotel room without a credit card and sends you a paperless confirmation.

The app gives its users attractive deals on hotel booking with great discounts. You can check reviews provided by other visitors and ratings of the hotels or apartments before booking them. The inbuilt map will pinpoint the hotel location, and the site also has a 24/7 customer service with over 40 languages for assistance.

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6. Hotel Tonight

Discount HotelsIt is a great app for hotel booking especially if you need a hotel at last minute. The app is improving day by day covering hotels of more than 75 cities of USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe. You will find hotels at a reasonable price which will cut down your expense radically. You can stay at luxury hotels at a discounted rate for an extended period (Max 5 nights) by booking a room by this app.

The app look has an attractive interface which is easy to use. It enlists those hotels which are known to be trusted. Your spontaneous travel plans will be hassle-free as you can rent a hotel room in a short period with the best price available. It suggests the hotels in your area, compare prices and show the vacant room available in your favorite hotel.

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These apps will help you to find cheap hotels, book room online and do last minute hotel reservations hassle freely. Some apps have flight ticket booking feature too which will help you plan your entire journey. It lets you find the hotels near your destination, and check their amenities like Wi-Fi, spa, restaurants and transport facilities. You can compare prices, seek vacant rooms and get the best discount deals for booking. So if you want to download an app for searching and booking hotel rooms at a cheap price, then these are top apps for hotel booking for finding hotel rooms at a discounted rate.

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