6 Best Food Delivery Apps for Android

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Technological advancement has improved lot of things in our life and also for the people who love food. Today with the help of your Android device you can search for food delivery places near you and order your favorite food. You can order any type of cuisine right from Chinese, Mexican, Indian and Continental dishes right from the comfort of your home. These apps will also let you see the ratings of the restaurants and give you an array of places to choose from. To know which food delivery app can meet your requirement, just check out the list below.

Food Delivery App

1. Zomato

App For Food Delivery

Zomato is the most popular app when it comes to finding restaurants and food delivery. The app has a vast database of restaurants and food outlets that can do food delivery to your doorstep. The app not only helps in locating the food delivery outlets and restaurants near you but also suggest you the best places to order your food.

The app provides its services in 23 countries including India, Australia, and United States. The simple interface of the app makes it easy to use, and its regular updates enhance its user experience. You can dine and order from the comfort of your home by selecting the category of food you want to order.

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2. Foodpanda

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Foodpanda is another popular app that is used to avail food delivery service. The reason for its popularity is the huge database of restaurants and eateries of all major big cities along with discounts and offers available. The app is headquartered in Berlin, but it operates all across the globe including countries like India, Russia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore and many other nations.

Apart from branded food outlets like KFC, McDonalds, Dominos and Pizza Hut, it also has tie-ups with the local restaurants near you from where you can order your food. It also has a variety of cuisine categories like Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Japanese and much more to select from. You also get to choose different payment option while ordering on this food app plus check out the recommendation of the restaurants given by the app.

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3. Justeat

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In the line of food delivery app, Justeat is also a popular app for ordering food online, especially in the metro cities. It shows you a number of restaurants that are stored in the app’s database. You can choose from the nearby restaurants after browsing the menu list for food delivery.

There are discount offers when you order food by using this app and pay online or via coupon codes. Though the app only provides service only in the Indian metro cities, it gives you plenty of options for finding nearby restaurants that can deliver food to your home.

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4. Swiggy

Delivery App

Swiggy has proved to be an excellent app in recent times for finding food places that can deliver your choice of order. It has a vast database that includes the chain of restaurants and local food outlets. This app works as a single window for ordering various types of cuisine right from Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and other dishes just by tapping on your android phone.

The interesting feature of this app is that there is no minimum amount limit for ordering food and all partner restaurants accept payments online as well as cash on delivery. To make your home delivery fast paced it has its own delivery fleet for pick up from the eateries and deliver the food to the customers.

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5. Doordash


Doordash is a world-renowned food delivery app that operates in more than 600 cities and 110,000 menus enlisted on the app. The app chiefly operates in U.S and Canada, and it has partnered with the chain of restaurants that can different types of cuisine to you.

You can fix the delivery timings with schedule delivery system so that you get the food at your convenient time. There no minimum limit for ordering hence you can order as much as you want. You can get easily with this app via Google payment or credit card.

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6. Grubhub

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GrubHub is an incredibly popular app for food delivery service that has its users across 1100 cities in the United States. It has a partnership with some of the most renowned restaurants and local eateries that allows you to choose your favorite place for ordering or dining. The app also shows ratings of the eating outlets and also the nearby restaurants of your given location.

The interface of the app is incredibly easy to operate which makes your search quite simple. You also get different payment option including Android Pay, PayPal, or a good old-fashioned credit card. You even get Grubhub eGift card which you can avail on special occasions like birthday or anniversaries.

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Food is the most important part of life, and delicious food is the most lovable part of our life. These apps help us in a great way to find the appropriate place for ordering your food from home or dining at that place. It conveniently finds us the best restaurants on its list with a variety of menu of different cuisines. With secure payment options and discount coupons provided by the app, it becomes quite economical too for ordering food online. So if you are also looking for the best food delivery service app that can cater your needs, then the above-mentioned food apps are probably worth a shot.

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