6 Best Fighting Games for Xbox

Fighting Games

Is the team playing games boring you now? Do you have the zeal to fight and have the itch to knock out your opponent with a single blow or beating them badly? Well if you want to do such thing, then fighting games are just the right thing for you. There are some pretty impressive fighting games that have high octane action which can make your best friend into an online arch rival. It will test your fighting skills to the limit and bring out the monster hidden in you.

Fighting games are competitive, fierce and fun to play. You can play these fighting games offline and in multiplayer mode as well. So if you have a zeal to play fighting games, then check out the list of some of the best fighting games for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Fighting Games

1. Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat Fighting Game

If you love brutal fights and winning is your only motto, then Mortal Kombat X is the game for you. It is a reboot of the original Mortal Kombat series which is an intense fighting game with bloody action sequences. It has vibrant graphics which can make you glued to the screen with 3D animation.

The ninja style arcade fighting games fine tunes your combat skills as two players battle against each other with lethal moves. You can choose from different characters with superior fighting skills. You can battle it out with fists, weapons, swords, sticks and special powers that are utilized for finishing moves. It is dynamically challenging with gruesome brutality. It is one of the top Xbox 360 fighting games that you can have which can quench your thirst for a player to player combat, both offline and in multiplayer mode.

2. Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball Z Fighting Games

For the Dragon Ball fans, the Dragon Ball FighterZ is a real delight to play. Developed by Arc System Works and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment it is an iconic action game that is inspired by the most popular anime series. Once you get your hands on the console this game you just can’t get enough of it. The game has a roster of 24 characters with their own individual style.

The game is a visual delight to play with a 2.5 animation effect that gives you 360° camera view during combat. The controls are quite easy with four attack buttons; light, medium, heavy and a special attack button dedicated to projectile attack. It is a fast-paced fighting game in which you can fight with combo moves, attain protective shields, dodge projectiles and execute finishing moves with style. It is an ideal game to brawl with your opponents with intense combat gameplay that will turn on your adrenaline drive to the fullest.

3. Street Fighter V

Street Fighting Games

Street Fighter gives a raw appeal to the fighting games fans out there. It is considered to be the pioneer of all arcade-style fighting game, and it is utterly rock solid. You can say it is upgraded tribute to its series launched earlier. You can play the game as one player by choosing a character and the opponent or by two players. Apart from choosing the characters, you can also select their costumes which reflect their characteristics and also the background music.

Like all the combat games, it also displays a stamina meter on the screen, showing the strength of the character during gameplay. Each character has unique powers as finishing moves. It might give you nostalgia of the previous Street Fighter game installments. It is a visual upgrade of the series with 3D type graphics and intense action game sequences.

4. Tekken 7

Tekken Fight Game

Tekken 7 is the game for those who like to beat the hell out of their opponents until they hear a loud “KO.” Tekken 7 is a hard-hitting fighting game which feels incredibly raw. This arcade style game has a training option which allows you to enhance your combat skills before going for an actual fight with an opponent. Visually, the game is great with its 3D animation and rustic background design.

The game is a martial-art fighting gem which will test your combat skills to the limit. You can fight matches for winning “Treasure Box” which will give you reward points for customization items for your character. You can choose among 12 fighters for battling out in the arcade mode, whether you are playing single player or multiplayer. The easy mechanism of the game allows you to control the characters easily and their fight moves. With dedicated special powers of each character, you can unleash a high-octane lethal attack on your opponent. With easy gameplay and intuitive action, it is one of the best action games for Xbox console.

5. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Marvel Fighting Games

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is the biggest crossover fighting game which brings characters from Marvel Comics and Capcom universe together. The game also introduces the infinity stones in the game which provisionally gifts the players with special powers and boosts abilities depending on the stone you choose.

The game allows you to tag team by selecting different characters among 30 strong roster of this game. You can tag in and out during the combat as soon as your stamina gets exhausted. The game also includes news additions in it like Captain Marvel and Darkstalkers Jedah Domah. The game is visually great, and the control is quite easy as the combo attacks are flagged to a single button. The plus point of the game is switching characters in-between combat and use of infinity stones to shield yourself and unleash finishing moves.

6. Injustice 2

Injustice Games Free

Injustice 2 is a real treat for the fans of the DC comics and DC universe. It is a sequel to the popular fighting game of Injustice: Gods Among Us. Developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, it is an intense fighting game where the players get to choose DC characters to battle out among themselves.

The graphics of the game is simply great, and it includes a new type of gameplay of loot dropping system also known as gear system. It offers each character an upgrade in costume pieces, armor, equipment, and status altering the effect. The player can collect the loot after every match which is given in four base stats which is health, strength, defense and combat gear. You can choose the arena too where you want to battle it out with your opponent. You can play Injustice 2 online in multiplayer mode or 2 player gameplay contesting with your friend or brother. In the list of best fighting games for Xbox, it will be genuinely unfair to underrate this game, and it certainly deserves a top spot.


These games offer some of the tremendous action-packed combat for the players who love fighting games. These Xbox fighting games give a real delight when you hold the console remote for playing the game. With 2D/3D animation, they offer immersive action sequences with impressive graphics and engaging storyline. There are plenty of fighting games to play, but these are some of the best picks of fighting games for Xbox.

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