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App locks have become fundamental security app as it helps to keep our phone safe and secure from any kind of hacking. It mainly helps in preventing those people who have a habit of tampering with other people’s phones. There are many personal data on your phone which you want to private and don’t want anyone’s access to them. Your social media apps, bank apps, messengers, photo and video gallery, are some of them. For keeping them secure the app lock becomes a useful tool for you. To keep your personal apps secure, here are some of the best app locks you can install on your android phone.

App Locker

1. App lock

App Locker

App lock is one of the best app locks that tops our list which secures your phone’s data completely. It is also one of the best-rated app locks and it is for a reason. The app is simple to use but incredibly useful when it comes to securing your phone. Once you install the app on your phone, it lets you set pin, password or pattern for locking the device. There is a fingerprint password option as well provided you are using Android 6.0 version or above.

The app also allows you to customize the background of the lock screen. It is mainly used for securing your private apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, gallery, messenger, Instagram and other sensitive apps of the phone. The app lock also allows you to lock the incoming calls as well. With a strong 100 million downloads it is one of the top app locks for android phone.

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2. Norton App Lock

Norton App

Norton is a popular name for anti-virus software, and it is providing one of the top-rated app locks for android phone. The app is completely ad-free and protects your privacy fully. For locking the apps, you can use a password or a pattern lock to keep your android secure.  It safeguards your personal photos and videos by preventing any third party access to it. You can even set permissions for installing and uninstalling apps on the phone. It will be extremely helpful for you as it adds a layer of protection in case the phone gets stolen.

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3. Hexlock App Lock

Smart Lock App

Hex app lock is also a popular app that can protect your phone from any type of fiddling. It has a fingerprint unlock feature along with password and pattern as back up. You can keep your private pictures and video safe with the help of Media Vault. You can keep your social media apps secure as well along with your gallery and banking apps. It provides all-around protection from the intruders thereby by keeping your private content absolutely safe from any third party access.

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4. Smart Applock

Lock Phone App

It is probably one of the best app locks for android phone that you can use. What makes it different from the rest is its easy interface but advanced security features for protecting your phone from external fiddling.  It protects your apps with different types of locking system such as pattern, pin, and password. You can even customize your lock screen by setting a lock screen background.

It keeps your private stuff like personal photos, videos, messages and even calls logs completely hidden till the time you don’t unlock by entering the passkey of the app. It also helps in locking your social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and snap chat. The main help what it does is keep your other safe too so that any unknown cannot install and uninstall the apps on your phone.

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5. CM AppLock

Privacy Locker

CM Applock is another excellent app lock for android mobile users. The lock app has features such as fingerprint unlocking for preventing any external fiddling of your phone. Along with it the app also has pin, password, and pattern lock support to keep your personal data safe and secure. It hides your private pictures and videos so that no one can access them or misuse them. The most wonderful feature of the app is that it takes a picture of the intruder who tries to put the wrong password on your phone. The app looks appealing too due to different kind of themes and color background which you can set while fixing the passcode.

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These apps certainly help in keeping the private content of your phone completely safe and secure. The different types of unlocking system ensure total safety of your phone and prevent any third party access to your photos, videos or apps for personal use. So if you are looking for a good app lock that can hide and safeguard your private data then these are some of the best app locks for your android phone that you can use.

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