11 Facebook Posts You Should Never Share

Don’t Post Pictures Of My Kid On Facebook

Facebook is a great a great place to interact and to meet new people along with staying in touch with your close buddies. We often post and share a lot of things on the Facebook related to various activities of ours like party pics, thoughts, important events of our life, gathering with our family members and friends. But it is also a dangerous place to share things as a wrong post can really ruin your happiness and expose you to some unwanted troubles. There are few things that you need to avoid from posting on Facebook so you don’t land in any trouble. To know what you should stop posting on Facebook, just scroll down on the list given below.

Facebook Post

1. Your Intimate Pictures

Dumbest Facebook Posts

Pictures on social media can go viral in a blink of an eye so you must be extremely careful about what you post on Facebook.  Never ever post your intimate images with your partner on Facebook as it can lead to disaster for both of you. By this you are allowing the people to infringe on your privacy, making it a big mental harassment for you. So it is better to keep your intimate moments to yourself rather than posting them on FaceBook.

2. Your Travel Plans

Facebook Travel Post

You think you are doing a great thing by posting your travel plan on Facebook but, you might be calling trouble for yourself. Many criminals are increasingly watching the social network for robberies on vacant houses, and your travel plan posting can be an open invitation for them.

You might be enjoying your holidays while your Facebook post can lead to your house clean robbed by the burglars. So next time before you brag about your holidays on social media, keep this thing in your mind before posting anything.

3. Your Personal and Financial Details

Stupid Facebook Posts

On the list of what not to post on Facebook, your personal details are always on the top. It will be utterly dumb to share your home address, phone number, birth year or your family member’s maiden name on Facebook.

Any criminal can misuse these details by stealing your identity. Hence it will be wise not to share your personal information online so that anyone can hack your identity and misuse it for any offensive purpose.

4. Your Embarrassing Pictures

Remove Post From Facebook

If you are posting your embarrassing pictures on Facebook thinking they are funny and it will get tons of likes, it’s time to think again. By posting such photos on your profile, you might send a wrong notion to everyone who sees your profile thereby damaging your image.

The viral tendency of the Facebook posts can tarnish your impression completely. Hence you should think twice or should never post any embarrassing pictures of yours for the sake of some quick laugh.

5. Your Personal Issues

Facebook Post Status

Everyone has some personal problems, but that does not mean you make it a public affair, especially on social media. Posting your personal issues on Facebook or any other social media platform is the worst thing you can do.

By posting your personal matters on your Facebook wall, you often become a subject of ridicule rather than finding any resolve to them. People read them as a subject of gossip, and it can even aggravate the problem between your spouse or friend with whom you are having the issue. So avoid posting such thing at any cost.

6. Your Kids Photographs

Don’t Post Pictures Of My Kid On Facebook

Many of us upload our kid’s photo on social media like Facebook or Instagram, but it can be troublesome at times. In many countries, human traffickers or other people prey on the children as they are an easy target and social media is the ideal place to track them.

Apart from that, it will be unsafe to declare every movement of your child via social media as it can expose them to other dangers as well. Hence as a parent, you must avoid posting your child’s photo on Facebook.

7. Your Office Problem

Hide Posts On Facebook

You might have a bad day at the office, but you should avoid posting negative things about your employer or another employee. If you grouse about your office problem online, you may get into trouble because of it.

In many cases by posting negative comments about the employers has led to the employee getting fired. So avoid posting any negative things about your employer to save your job.

8. Your Political Opinions

Political Posts On Facebook

Several political posts are circulating on Facebook, and there is no problem in sharing the links or articles related to it. But you should never post any political post yourself which can be insensitive, out of context or offending.

Such post political post can put you in the line of fire against whom you have uploaded your story, or the law can book you for it. If you are tired of seeing political posts on your wall, the best thing will be to block them or avoid posting such stuff.

9. Your Gossiping Tendency

What Insecure People Post On Facebook

If you are feeling frustrated with any friend or co-worker, then taking out that irritation on Facebook is a bad idea. Facebook is not the place to gossip or to make a personal attack as there are chances that it will not only ruin your relationship with the other person, but the rest of the people will also stop trusting you due to this.

10. Other People’s Drama

Hilarious Facebook Posts

Facebook is no place to blabber about other’s people business or announce their activities on your timeline. You don’t have to be the first to tell everyone regarding their wedding, pregnancy, breakup or their family plans on your Facebook wall. It will put you in an awkward position as the other people might not appreciate the posting.

11. Offensive or Vulgar Posts

Annoying Facebook Posts

Your Facebook posts can be funny, but it should not be offensive. Whether you are commenting or posting a status, you have to keep in mind that it must not be vulgar or offending to anyone. It might hurt the sentiment of anyone and also increases the risk ruining relation with any friend, family member, office colleague or even your boss. So just or few laughs or likes, it is not a good idea to upload such post on the Facebook.


These are some of the Facebook posting blunders that you should totally avoid. It will not only keep you away from trouble but will also prevent offending any close relationship of yours. These Facebook etiquettes must be followed by every user so that they can enjoy their social media without any issues.

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