Top Music Players for Android

When a music lover buys an Android phone, he or she primarily check the music playing apps installed on the phone to get the best sound quality out of it.  Apart from the preloaded music apps, there are several music player apps available in the Google Play store which can be downloaded to stream your favorite music online or play the mp3 files stored on your SD card. These apps carry a number of features that can streamline your favorite songs and also enhance the sound output at the same time. Hence for all the music lovers out there, here is some best music playing apps that you can install on your Android phone.

Top Music Players for Android


1.     Blackplayer

Music Player for Android

It is one of the top music player apps that reproduce excellent sound quality. True to its name, the interface of the app is dark when you open it. The playing screen has large buttons which are easy to control. This music player app is loaded with an equalizer that enhances the sound output. The app does not display any ads cutting off your irritation. It technically supports the most common audio formats and comes in both free as well as paid version with added features. Performance wise it is one of the best music players for Android.

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2.     Jetaudio HD

Android Mp3 Player

Jet audio player delivers an awesome sound quality that makes your music listening experience a delightful one. It is a simple music app that has audio enhancement plugins that sport an amazing sound. It’s preset 32 band equalizer with amplifier has sound effect enhancers like a bass boost, ambiance setting, tag editor and MIDI playback. The paid and free versions are almost similar except the ads which are missing in the paid one. It can certainly be counted in the top 5 best music player for Android.

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3.     N7 Music player

Top Rated Music Player For Android

It can be charted as one of the top music players for Android platform. The design of the app is simple as it creates a collage type list of your music that allows you to scroll through your playlist and listen to it. For sound enhancement, a 10 band equalizer is provided along with volume normalization. It also comes with features like bass-treble control, a tag editor, scrobbling and plenty of other plugins. It gives quite a neat performance in comparison to other Android music apps that are available.

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4.     Poweramp

Poweramp Full Apk

Poweramp music player has a rugged design but is still preferred by many Android users as a music app. The interface is sleek with many themes that you can acquire from Google Play store. However it takes some amount of time to get acquainted with it, but the music search is easy since it does not flaunt much of a material design. The features which make this music app appealing are its gapless playback, crossfade and multiple format support.

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5.     Shuttle+ Music Player

Best Media Player For Android

It is quickly becoming a popular music player app due to its material design with abundant options. The app comes with features like six-band equalizer, gapless playback, embedded lyric support and various themes to choose from. If you get the paid version, you will get additional features like Chromecast support, ID3 tag editing, folder browsing and many other things. With specifications like these, it can be certainly counted in the top 5 audio players for Android.

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6.     Neutron Music Player

Top Free Music Player For Android

This music player app is not as popular as its contemporaries, but it delivers a high-quality audio output with its 32/64-bit audio rendering engine. The app is packed with specifications like DSP effects such as graphic EQ, compressor, surround sound, crossfader, tempo, pitch to enhance the audio output. Other features of this app include unique support for file types like FLAC, MPC and a built in equalizer.

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7.     Playerpro Music Player

Playerpro Music Player Free Download

The Playerpro app is less used than the other music player apps, however, feature wise, it isn’t that bad. The interface is attractive plus you can download skins to customize the display. You will get a 5 band equalizer along with video playing support which is a great feature. It also comes with other sound effect plugins, widgets and shake the phone feature to change the music track. The player can support the higher range of music files that goes up to 32-bit/ 384kHz.

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8.     Pulsar Music Player

Top Free Music Players For Android

It is entirely a free music app, heavily inspired by material design and comes with basic features such as tag editing, gapless playback, sleep timer, smart playlist, etc. the app also supports chrome cast which is truly incredible. The display is easy on the eyes with various color themes to choose from which is an appealing feature of this music player. So if the question comes up what are the good free music apps for Android, then this is certainly the app you can bank on.

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So in case you are too scrolling the Google Play store in search of music players which will be best for you, then you can install one from the above list of music players on your Android phone.


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