Tips on How to Save Data Usage

Data Saving

In the age of Android and iOS phones, most of the applications run on the internet which means they use your data plan heavily. In today’s date, the bills are escalating more on data usage rather than talk time which is burning a big hole in your pocket. Naturally, we all want to cut down the expenditure on our data plans and use it judiciously. If the expenses on data plan usage is also becoming a botheration for you, then use these data saving tips to reduce your mobile data expenditure.

Data Saving

Use Wi-Fi

How To Save Data

The wisest way to save data on your phone is to use Wi-Fi network for accessing internet on your device. It can radically cut your data usage and save your money that you spend on your phone bill. Both Android and iOS users can use this method to reduce their data usage. Apart from that if you need to update your apps then do it on Wi-Fi network only as updating of apps can consume your data heavily. This simple thing can bring down your data usage to a great extent.

Turn Data Off

How to Save Cellular Data

Another way to bring in control your data usage is by turning off your cellular data when you are not using your phone. Even though you think the phone is lying idle but the apps in the background are continuously burning your internet data. As a result, your data usage goes exceedingly high without your knowledge, ultimately putting a hefty amount on your phone bill. So if you are wondering how to limit my data plan usage, then turn off your phone data when you go to sleep, or when you are not using the phone for a prolonged period.

Disable Google Services

How To Save Data Usage

Disabling Google services app will also help in cutting down your data bill significantly. This app constantly searches for all the apps for updation and many times it gets updated automatically without asking for permission. So, it will be better to turn off the Google services for saving your cellular data. For doing that you need to go to settings menu and scroll for the application. In the Downloaded Application, look for Google services and tap on it. In that, you shall get two options which are “Force Close” and “Disable.” You need to tap on disable, and the process is complete.

Turn On Chrome’s Data Compression

How To Reduce Data Usage

Most of the Android users opt for chrome for visiting websites on their mobile phone. But did you know that this browser has an option via which you can save at least 50% data on your phone? It can be done without even compromising on the browsing quality and it will get faster as well. To enable the Google data compression option all you have to do is open chrome browser and tap on 3 dot menu button and tap on settings. After that, you need to click on “Data Saver” and then toggle the option in the top right corner. Once you do that, the setting part is done.

Set Data Limit

How To Limit Data Usage

It is one of the easiest ways to control your data consumption which can be done on a smartphone. You can do it by the settings menu of the Android phone where you will be able to view the data usage. You can set your data limitation under the settings > wireless and networks > data usage > set mobile data limit. With this, you can set data usage limitation and a hard limit to control your cellular data consumption. Therefore you don’t have to worry if your usage of data goes beyond your subscribed amount as it will automatically put a cap on it.

Install Ad Blockers

Reduce Data Usage

Pop up ads not only irritates us, but they also guzzle down a massive chunk of our data pack. These ads consume nearly 60% of the data which is indeed a big loss for us. To get rid of this problem you can install an ad blocker from the Google Play Store. These ad blockers have the feature of blocking video and audio ads. Hence by using this app, you can save a lot of money that is wasted on your unwanted data consumption.

Download Opera Max

Opera Max

Opera max is compression app that is useful for you while browsing the internet on the phone. This browser sends the entire data through its own VPN server which in turn compresses the videos and photos on the websites. Its only drawback is the considerable loss of visible image quality. However, it saves your data consumption greatly that goes up to 50%.

Close Background Apps

What Uses a Lot of Data

The background apps are the real culprits of burning your data as they work continuously in the background. Therefore you always need to check that no apps are working in the background once your usage of the phone is over or else they shall continue to consume your data plan. You can download a cleaning app that will close the apps once your work is done and save your phone’s precious mobile data.

So for all you guys who were worried about the rapid exhaustion of the data plan but was not finding a way how to curtail it, by using the above tips, you can indeed save a considerable amount of data and prevent unnecessary wastage of money behind it.

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