Tips for Android Phone Maintenance

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Many Android users come across problems like slow speed, phone hanging and virus issues. These problems can be a big headache for any android user since it affects the phone’s performance drastically. The smartphone acts as a mini computer, and it needs some care and maintenance too. If you are still confused about how to take care of your phone to avoid any glitches, then follow these tips for maintaining your android phone.

Smartphone Maintenance Tips

Clean Up the Phone

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Maintaining the android phone starts from its exteriors because that is where you operate the phone. Most of you usually rub the phone on your shirt or top to clean it, but that is not the way. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the smartphone screen which is readily available at any office supply store. Opt for cleaning solutions to clean the phone’s screen rather than using ammonia or alcohol. Adding a screen guard would be wise for protecting the main display from dirt and scratches which will ensure smooth touch interaction.

Update Your Apps

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Once you are done with the exterior part, focus on the system of the android. To ensure that the phone functions smoothly, it is important to update the apps installed on the phone regularly. The latest version of apps prevents the phone from getting hanged and functions properly. It also helps in keeping the malware and other threats at bay thereby you to use your android phone without any issues.

Clear Cache

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At times the applications that you install leave behind a trail of junk files in the cache, consuming a hefty amount of phone memory. This can be a problematic thing since it can create a hindrance for using the memory space for other purposes. To avoid such issues, it is better to clear these cache files at regular interval. All you need to do is go to the application setting of your phone and tap the clear cache button over there. The junk files will get automatically erased clearing the memory space of the phone.

Shift App to SD Card

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When you download apps, it usually gets installed on your phone’s internal memory. They populate your phone’s memory making the phone function slowly or disallows updates due to insufficient memory issue. Hence, it is better to move the apps to the micro SD card to keep your internal memory decongested. You will get to see an option of ‘Move to SD Card’ in the app manager setting and just tapping on it will shift the app to the memory card. Not every app will get transferred to the micro SD card, mainly the system apps. It is an easy way to declutter the phone’s internal memory and manage the apps.

Install Apps from Trusted Sources

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While installing a new app on your phone, make sure that you download it from trusted sources, preferably Google Play Store. It is because if you get the app from an unknown source, then there is a chance of inviting malware along with it which can prove harmful to your phone. Hence, always opt for trusted sources for downloading an app to your phone.

Take Care of Battery

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Taking care of the battery is the most crucial part of maintaining your Android. Your phone will be like a dead paperweight if the battery dies out or malfunctions frequently. To avoid that, charge your phone only when it drains out completely. Restart your phone whenever possible and turn off the data since the apps keep running in the background. It will lessen the burden of the battery and prevent it from overheating. These simple methods will certainly help in the longevity of your phone’s battery life.

No Live Wallpapers

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Live wallpapers may look quite appealing, but they are also the biggest battery guzzlers which can drain out your battery quickly. Apart from that, they also make your phone’s CPU work continuously which in turn can have a negative impact on the phone’s performance. Hence it will be better to avoid using live wallpapers to maintain the performance of your android phone.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

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Apps help us in doing multiple things, but it won’t be wise to keep unnecessary apps on the phone. They needlessly occupy space on the phone, slowing its performance by draining out the battery and running background processes. Therefore it will be better to delete the unwanted apps from your phone to keep its functioning troublefree.

Therefore by using the above-mentioned tips for maintaining your Android smartphone, you can ensure its smooth functioning and long life.

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