How to Stop Cyber Bullying

How To Avoid Cyber Bullying

In the age of internet and social media cyberbullying has become a big issue on today’s date. The main victims of cyberbullying are generally women, kids, and teenagers. If you are using social media and other things like that, then you should be familiar with its demerits also. Cyberbullying can be extremely harassing which can lead to mental depression and even suicide. So if you are tech savvy but also want to stay safe at the same time or keep your loved ones secure from this issue, then go through the guidelines of how to stop cyberbullying.


What Is Cyberbullying

Cyber Bullying Facts

To know how to stop or prevent cyberbullying, you must first understand its fundamentals and how it is done. It mainly takes on digital devices like cell phones, laptop or tablets through the medium of SMS, texts, social media and online gaming. It generally includes sending demeaning messages, posting illicit images or texts on social media or doing harmful and negative gossiping about someone. It could also men sharing extremely personal content of someone which can embarrass or tarnish their image by humiliating them. It is an unlawful criminal act which can lead to severe punishment.

Do Not Respond

Effects of Cyberbullying

One of the thing to you can do to prevent cyberbullying is to stop responding to the bullies. The more you react, the more will you give the bully power on yourself. Ignoring a bully will make the bully drain of his energy and they may eventually stop their activity.

Save Evidence

Cyberbullying Statistics

If you want to take the help of law against the cyberbully then keeping the evidence shall be quite helpful. The good news is digital bullies often leave behind a trail of proofs likes texts, messages and social media IDs which is helpful for the authorities for tracing them out. It is also needed to report the incident to the cops so that they can take corrective action.

Monitor Your Child’s Online Activity

How To Avoid Cyber Bullying

As a parent or guardian, it is important to monitor your kids or loved ones online activity especially on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media portals. It will let you know if they are being harassed online or they are interacting some mischievous character that can create a problem in the future. If you find that your child is reluctant to access online media or stays depressed then interact with them to know the issue.

Speak About the Problem

Cyberbullying Effects

This can go either way as parents can speak to their children or the kids speaking to their parents regarding this issue of cyberbullying. Keeping it suppressed within yourself might aggravate the issue more. If you are finding it hard to share with your guardians then you can discuss the problem of being bullied with your close friend or at school.

Educate About Cyberbullying

Ways To Stop Bullying

Children nowadays have an easy access to the internet and social media which makes them susceptible to cyberbullying. Hence it is essential to educate them about the pros and cons of social media. They need to be told about the sharing of the content, protecting their password and how to look out for the cyberbullies. This will help a lot in saving your child or the loved ones from getting bullied online.

Block The Bully

Causes Of Cyberbullying

Thankfully every social media site has a provision of blocking someone who you think can be a nuisance for you. It will stop the harassment from that source by using your privacy tools and prevent any unwanted lewd messages or posts to pester you.

Restore Self Esteem

Social Media And Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can leave you morally and emotionally broken from within. The nagging messages deeply can deeply hurt your self-esteem and push you into a void of depression. Therefore it is crucial for you to restore your self-esteem so you can deal with cyberbullying positively. Take help of your friends and family for bring back the lost confidence in you and facing the challenge head-on. Cyberbullying has often lead to people taking drastic steps like committing suicide as well. By seeking help, you will be able to avert a major disaster and live your life in a normal and happy way.


Cyberbullying can be a big threat to a person’s mental wellbeing as it not only disturbs you but can emotionally break you as well. Therefore, while interacting on social media, it is necessary to take full precaution and refrain from speaking to an unknown source. If you are a victim of cyberbullying sharing it becomes extremely important with your near, and dear ones stop this menace. If you know someone suffering from this issue, then don’t be a bystander and volunteer to help him or her out of this mess. The things mentioned above will be incredibly useful for tackling this issue and prevent the hazard of cyberbullying.

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