How to Save Battery of Your Phone in Simple Steps

Battery Saver

The battery issue is faced by every smartphone user whether they are using android handset or iPhone. You cannot get charging access every neither it is possible to carry a portable charger every time. In case of emergency, if the battery drains, that will be our worst nightmare. So for both iPhone and Android users, here are some simple tips to save your battery life which you can check out below.

Battery Saver

Turn On Power Saving Mode

Battery Saver Mode

Almost all the smartphones (except the iOS phones) have the feature of power saving mode in it given by the manufacturer. This feature handles most of the things which are responsible for draining out your battery, i.e., dimming your screen, reducing screen timeout, disabling wallpaper animation, turning off vibration and so on. It helps in saving nearly 20 to 30% of your battery power. It shall be incredibly helpful for you during emergency situations where you can make calls or send text messages even if the battery power is low.

Disable GPS

Android Battery Saver

The GPS is an excellent feature of the latest smartphones as it helps to find your way out and know your exact location. But most of you do not know that the GPS app on your is also a battery guzzler. If the app is left running in the background, it constantly sends and receives signals which continuously suck the power of the battery. So you need to make sure that your GPS is disabled when you don’t need it so that you can save a considerable amount of battery power.

Turn of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data When Not Used

How to Save Phone Battery

Your phone battery is also consumed if you keep your phone Wi-Fi, Data or Bluetooth continuously on as it keeps searching for signal. In case the reception is weak, the scanning will get more intense resulting in greater loss of battery power. It will be better to turn off these things when not in use to prevent unnecessary drainage of your battery power.

You can also opt for the option of switching to ‘Airplane Mode’ which will disconnect all the functions automatically. This will prevent the precious power of your battery rather than wasting it to get a proper signal.

Do Not Charge Recurrently

Ways To Save Battery

Recurrent charging of your phone can also damage its battery life, reducing the longevity of it. Mostly today, the smartphones come with a Li-ion battery whose life cycle is long but needs to be frequently charged. But in turn, this has a negative impact on the battery, and it is not able to run for a long time. To keep the shelf-life of the battery long, charge the phone only when it is needed or until the time it does not show warning sign. In this way, you will be able to maintain your battery life, and it can endure for a more extended period.

Close Unwanted Apps

How To Extend Battery Life

The apps running in the background are the biggest nuisance which eats into your battery. In most of the cases, we don’t close the apps after using them, and they drain away the power of our battery. That is why when you check back into your mobile you see it crying for being charged.  So keep in mind to close the apps from running in the background to prevent them from extracting the juice out of your battery and conserve its power.

Turn off Vibration

Extend Battery Life

We keep the vibration mode of our phone so that we do not miss any important call or message. But it unknowingly consumes a major chunk of power from your battery. It sucks out more juice out of your battery than what the normal ringtones do as it needs to shake the entire phone. So if it is possible, you can opt for keeping your vibration mode off to save the energy of your battery.

Dim Screen Light

Save Battery Power

It is one of the simplest hacks that you can put to use for saving your battery power. Dimming your phone backlight can drastically reduce your battery’s power consumption. The backlight is also a factor for drainage of your battery power as it gets lit up with every time you use it. More the brightness more will be the power consumption.  Hence keeping it low or at auto-brightness mode will help in saving your battery power for a longer time.

Cut Down Notifications


Every time a notification comes, be it from social media apps, push mails, text messages or any other source, it eats a little into your battery power. The constant notifications are not only disturbing but work as power suckers as well. So it will be better if you can turn off the notifications to preserve the battery power of your phone.

Turn Off Phone

Power Phone Off

Like every machine or human being, your phone needs some rest too. Constantly keeping it on will take a toll on its battery as its power gets decreased bit-by-bit, even if the phone is idle. Hence, it will be better if you can switch off the phone for the time when you are not using it, i.e., during sleeping, long meetings or watching a movie. In this way, you can extend the battery life and conserve its power as well.

By following these simple tips, you can save your battery power for a prolonged time. It will not only help in preserving the energy of your battery but will also help in extending its shelf life as well.

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