How to Check Android for Virus

Android Virus

Virus issues not only bother your PC and laptop, but they can also create trouble for your Android phone as well.  The android phones also get infected by virus and malware attacks which can make them behave erratically. It can prove to be a big trouble for you, but the issue is that unlike computers, it is quite hard to understand that the phone is infected with a virus. It is a tricky problem but if you want to know how to check your Android phone for a virus, then see the things mentioned below.

Android Virus

Sudden Pop-Ups

Android Virus Warning

If you are noticing that there too many pop-ups coming in the form of irritating advertisements, then it is a sign that your phone is certainly infected with malware or virus. The Android malware generally makes their way when you click the link to some unfamiliar sites which are the carriers of such viruses. They unknowingly install apps or adware on your phone which can be harmful to them.

The best protection from the virus is not clicking on such suspicious links and if at mistakenly an app gets downloaded, uninstall them immediately.

Irregular Billing

Virus on Android

In case there is a spike in your phone bill without any reason, and you are wondering how it is happening then the virus can be a reason for it. These malware calls and sends text messages to premium numbers without your notice.

Contact your network operator once in case you are facing this issue and if you can find the source app that is causing the trouble, then delete it immediately.

Battery Drainage

How to Tell If Your Android has a Virus

If your battery is getting depleted rapidly even after putting it in an idle mode; then it has been infected with a virus. These malware or viruses suck the life out of your battery by downloading malicious apps that run in the background. These apps consume most of your battery’s power which makes it drain out quickly.

In case you are seeing a drastic depletion of your battery the check your phone’s app manager instantly and if you find any unwanted apps, uninstall them at once.

Overheating and Poor Performance

How to Remove a Virus from Android Phone

When the phone gets infected with any virus, malware, Trojans or adware they tend to spread out through your phone’s resources. In turn, your phone starts heating up under an immense amount of strain. Apart from that, the performance of the phone also gets sluggish and you face problems like the hanging of system and sudden closure of apps.

If you detect such problem on your android phone, then it is advised to install an antivirus to remove and clean the virus from the phone. It is also recommended to uninstall all unnecessary apps to resolve this problem.

Surge in Data Usage

How to Get Virus off Android Phone

Many of us do wonder can android phones get viruses or get infected with malware? The answer is yes. You will be able to notice it in many things including a sudden surge of data usage. The malicious malware will consume your data by showing annoying advertisements or sending out info from your phone. So if you notice any irregularities in your data usage, then it is sure that the phone is infected with a virus.

If you are facing such issue, then check the setting of the data usage which app is consuming most of the data. In case you see anything fishy, remove the app immediately.

The problems mentioned above can be a botheration for you, and it can damage your phone to an extensive level. Moreover, it can fiddle with your sensitive data stored on the phone and expose your private contents.  To avoid such issues using these tips for keeping away the viruses for your phone.

  • Download apps only from Google play store and not from any random sites.
  • Avoid using clone apps
  • Check for permissions in your phone settings
  • Install an antivirus app

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