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Windows Virus Protection

A virus attack on your computer or laptop can be extremely irritating as we depend on a lot of our systems for carrying out our day to day work including official tasks, online shopping, social networking, and many more things. The vicious malware, viruses can damage our system in an exceedingly bad way and can compromise your data as well.

To prevent this, a strong antivirus software is required which shall shield your system from virus attack and keep it safe. While choosing an antivirus, you need to check that it not only keeps the system safe from malware or viruses but also have parental control and all round phishing protection so that it can block all kinds of threat.  There are both free and paid versions of anti-virus software. Hence, here is some of the best antivirus software for windows that will give complete protection to your system.

1.     Bitdefender Internet Security

Best Virus Protection

Bitdefender antivirus provides one of the best antivirus protection for your computer. It not only safeguards the machine from the virus attack but also has an excellent spam filter. It mainly gives superior protection against nasty ransomware attack which can creep into your files and financial data. As it is a significant threat currently, the Bitdefender becomes a huge lifesaver for your computer as its specialized safe mode helps in getting rid of ransomware or malware which prevents you from booting into your system. You can download free antivirus version of the Bitdefender as a trial version, however, the extra features will only get unlocked in the paid one only.

Price: $57.50

2.     Avira Antivirus Pro

Avira Antivirus Reviews

Another name that tops the list of antivirus for windows platform is Avira. It not only functions as an antivirus but also works as a firewall and parental monitoring to keep a watch on your child’s social networking activity. It restricts them from going to any suspicious sites and keeps a tab on their public and private activity. It is an incredibly user-friendly antivirus software which does not include too many add-ons like other antivirus programs. It secures your data completely, freeing you from the stress of any malware or any online threats.

Price: $49.95       

3.     McAfee Internet Security

Best Free Anti Malware Software

McAfee, now known as Intel extends its protection not only to windows but also to other operating systems like Mac, iOS, and Android platform as well. The internet security provided by this antivirus will not only scan your system but also the network it is using for accessing the internet. It has some amazing features which makes it stand out from the rest of the antivirus clan like True Key password management service, allowing you access your devices by face recognition and fingerprint in an easy way. It ably guards your PC against issues of malware, ransomware, spyware and unwanted programs or extensions.

Price: $10.74       

4.     eScan Internet Security

Windows XP Free Antivirus

It is one of the best antivirus software that comes with internet security suite and cloud security along with a bundle of other features. The goodies that come in the suite are an antivirus tool, web protection, privacy control, firewall, spam filtering, and endpoint security for external drives. It provides two-way firewall shields your system against port scanning attempts by hackers. It also has a rescue mode feature, however, you have to make a disc from an ISO image beforehand to use it when the virus invades your system. The parental control helps you restrict any objectionable site on the internet. You can download it freely from or purchase it online at a reasonable price for more added features.

Price: $21.99           

5.     Avast Antivirus

Avast Antivirus Review

It delivers peak performance when it comes to protecting your PC or laptop against virus attack. The advance scanning technique of the “Sandbox” includes scrutinizing the behavior of an application by running it in a virtual environment, thereby giving complete protection to the system.   Apart from that, it offers real-time protection against malware, P2P scanning, streaming updates from cloud and SafeZone which makes its place among the top 10 antivirus software. You can download free Avast antivirus from its official website or else from any trusted website, preferably Cnet. To have Avast with additional features, you can buy it online at a very affordable price.

Price: $49.99

6.     Symantec Norton Security


Norton Antivirus Review

When it comes to mentioning about some of the best antivirus software, then you cannot count out Symantec Norton Security.  The best thing about this software is it covers not just one but five devices at a time which include your laptop, tablet, Macs, and smartphones. It gives stands like a steel wall for your system, protecting it against viruses, spyware, malware and other online attacks. It also helps in safeguarding your privacy, irrespective of the device that you are using. It also recovers the damaged files or the accidentally deleted ones which are hidden on your hard drive. The paid version comes with a bit of high price tag however it is worth your money.

Price: $89.99

7.     Kaspersky Internet Security

Windows Virus Protection

The online threat of virus attack can malign your system in a big way and hence to prevent it Kaspersky Internet Security can be very useful. It can be installed on multiple devices including PCs, Mac computers, and smartphones which provide strong defense against malware, phishing, and other online hazards. It blocks all potential threats from scam sites which can sneak into your personal files and cause harm to your system. It’s effective parental control features helps to keep your children away from any adult content which you do not want them to see.

Price: $23.17    

8.     Panda Global Protection

Panda Virus Protection Free

It provides flawless protection to your system from virus and malwares. It defends your system any exterior snooping that can be harmful for your financial as well as personal data. It keeps inappropriate web content at bay so that our family cannot access them. Panda not only offers virus attack protection to multiple platforms like Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS which is a key feature of this antivirus program.

Price: $59.99

For those who are looking for both free download of antivirus software for their windows and other OS platforms, these are some of the options you can certainly check out before installing an anti virus in your system.

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