8 Best Video Players for Android

Video Player For Android

Watching videos and movies on the android phones have become quite familiar today. Movies on mobile are now available in HD content and various other formats that make your device a mini home theater sort of stuff. But on many occasions, the regular video playing apps does not support multiple formats.

It could be an annoying problem while watching a movie or a video. To avoid such trouble, there are plenty of video playing apps that you can install to stream your favorite videos without any problem. They support multiple formats, have user settings which can enhance your video watching experience. If you want to know which are the best video players for Android you can download then check out the list given below.

Video Player

1. MX Player

MX Video Player For Android

MX player is one of the best video players you can download to your android phone. This video playing app supports multiple formats and comes with goodies like software-hardware decoding. The other features include subtitle control, variable aspect ratio and screen lock which can easily be accessed on the main viewscreen itself. The app also has a volume booster in case the file you are playing have sound issues and isn’t audible enough.

The app not only functions as a video player but you can also play your audio files with it as well. However, there are some features that can be unlocked only on in-app purchases, but as a free video player app, it functions excellently.

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2. VLC

Vlc for Android

VLC players made it to the top of the video player apps in a short span of time with its unique features that streams videos smoothly. It can play multiple formats including Avi, MKV, FLV, Mp3, and Mp4. Due to its versatility of playing anything, it is has become one of the most downloaded video players among the android users. Unlike other apps, VLC has inbuilt codecs, and there is no need for additional downloading. You can even stream videos directly from the net if you have the video URL.  Other features of it include subtitle support, multi-track audio and screen lock system for uninterrupted video viewing.

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3. Mobo Player

Video Player For Android

Mobo is one of the old school android video players that’s existing for a long time, but it can compete with the newbies efficiently. The app has updated itself in a right way, and it can support all sorts of video formats. It can also stream videos through HTTPS and RTSP protocols. The interface is easy to understand and completely clutter free. It can create and manage playlists on its own, so you don’t have to worry about that. If you are having an Android version of 2.3 or above, then you can install this app with thinking much and enjoy your videos.

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4. AC3 Player

Video Player App

For the people using Android phones, most of the time they come across the issue of AC3 codec while watching videos. It can be quite irritating as it does not allow playing your video or creating some problem or other while playing it. To avert this issue, you can download the AC3 player on your phone and watch all the videos without any headache. It plays this tricky codec without additional plugins or downloads.

Apart from this, it can also play other formats effortlessly with attractive features like subtitle support, playback speed control, sleep timer and other audio codecs as well. The format of the player is simple, and it can get rid of all your worries regarding video playing on your phone.

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5. KMPlayer

Video Player For All Format

If you are searching for a good video player that can support multiple formats on your android phone, then KMPlayer is an apt option. It supports various video file formats and has unique features such library viewer and cloud storage support. It can play every sort of file right from MKV, Avi, Mp4 and various other formats. The player also has player speed control, subtitle support and its users can view the video in windowed mode as well as watch the videos stored on their Google drive.

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6. BSPlayer

Movie Player For Android

This app has an upper hand of seniority when it comes to video playing apps on android phones. The app has numerous features like multi-core hardware decoding, and hardware accelerated playback and support for streaming from network (DLNA) devices. It also has subtitle support, and it can even play files from compressed formats. The free version of the app has all the features, however, for additional plugins you need to make the in-app purchase or get the full version of this app.

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7. Vplayer

Android Player

In the array of video players, another great app that you can download to your phone is Vplayer. The player has a chic look and can play HD video formats with hardware accelerations. It can support any type of file format ranging from AVI, MOV, MKV, FLV, AVI, 3GP, WMV, MP4, MTP, and M2T. The interface is smooth, and it can play audio tracks as well.

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8. Gplayer

Video Player For Android Tablet

If you are looking for an app that can play all kinds of video formats including chrome cast support feature, then Gplayer can fit your bill. Apart from chrome cast connectivity, it has several other features like multiple floating windows and a simple interface for easy usage. In case you don’t like the interface, you can customize it according to your way in simple steps. The app has multiple gesture support which helps you to control playback settings like volume, brightness and other configurations of the app.

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These are some of the best video player apps that you can download to your android phone or tablet to enjoy an interruption-free streaming of video and audio files of multiple formats.

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