7 Best Sharing Apps for Android Phones

Share Apps

Sharing data is a common norm for us as most of the time we tend to take videos, music, files and other things from one another that is stored on our phone. Earlier these things were being shared by the medium of Bluetooth only which used to be a lengthy process to download the data from one phone to another. But now the things have been simplified with the help of some data sharing apps that can transfer pictures, music files, documents or an entire app easily. So if you want to know which are the best sharing apps, you can install on your smartphone then go through the list given below.

Share Apps

1. SHAREit

Share It App

SHAREit app is currently one of the best share apps when it comes to transferring data. It can be used on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. This app can conveniently transfer your data like photos, music, apps, games and other data to another device at high speed.

It is much safer than Bluetooth transfer and 60 times faster than it. The app can send a large volume of files easily without any problem, and moreover, you can connect to 5 devices at a time for data transferring. The only thing you require is the same app on the opposite device to send the data.

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2. SuperBeam

App Share

If you are looking for a sharing app that can send a chunk of data in a single go without taking much time, then Superbeam can be an ideal choice for you. It lets you share large data between two Android devices at a faster speed. To transfer the files, you need to have a SuperBeam app in both the phones where the data will be exchanged.

You also need to pair the devices with any method which includes QR Codes, NFC or manual sharing key. You can easily share the data by choosing the files you want to transfer to the paired phone. It is incredibly convenient to use, and you can send unlimited data such as photos, videos, music, zip files, apps and many more things.

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3. WeTransfer

Share App Android

If you are searching for an app that can send or transfer large photos or video files, then WeTransfer is probably one of the best apps that you can download. In contrast to other apps, you have to install WeTransfer on your device, and your recipient can use any operating system.

Using this app is quite simple as you just need to select the photos or videos you wish to share by opening the app. Once the uploading is done, you will be asked for an email ID on which the download link shall be sent. On the other end, the receiver can click on the “Download” button to save the data on their phone or laptop.

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4. CShare

How To Share Apps

To share multi-format data, CShare is a wonderful app that you can download on your phone. This app can transfer files 50 times faster than Bluetooth using the latest technology for boosting data transfer speed. You can transfer multiple files like applications, pictures, music, videos, contacts, etc. with ease. CShare has a fantastic sharing range as it can transfer files to another android device within a range of 60 meters. The data transferring done via this app is fast and completely secure.

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5. Portal

Wi-Fi Sharing App

It is another amazing app for data transfer purpose from the makers of the Pushbullet app. This app makes sharing between your computer and your Android phone a painless effort. Right from pictures, videos or any file can be shared easily just like drag and drop. You just need to start the app on the phone and open the portal pushbullet.com on your computer. The files are transferred via a Wi-Fi connection, so it saves your mobile data plan limit. The transfer takes place quickly, and there is no problem even if the file size is over 1 GB.

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6. Xender

File Sharing Apps

It is one of the best data sharing app that is widely used by the Android users. The app can transfer data from one device to another at an incredible speed of about 10MB/ second. You can transfer the files to your computer without using any software. You can end several files to various users at the same time. It shares data nearly 200 times faster than Bluetooth, and you can send files to five devices at the same time.

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7. Fast File

Data Sharing App

For transferring files from one android device to another, this app can be an excellent option for you. With the help of the app, you can send data of 1GB in 4 minutes. You can send multiple files or whole folder itself. It can transfer files to any device or operating system that supports Wi-Fi. It uses QR code for faster data transfer for both incoming and outgoing purpose. The can send data seamlessly to unlimited users.

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Therefore, if you are looking for apps for fast and easy data sharing with other Android devices or your computer, then you can download and install the above apps for faster and unlimited data transfer with ease.

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