7 Best Privacy Apps for Android

Privacy App

Privacy is the biggest concern for everybody in the world, especially when it comes to your phone. Your personal data are stored on your phone right from videos, photos and several other things which at times you don’t want to share with anyone. If someone with wrong intentions accesses it, the damage will be too relentless for you.

For protecting your sensitive data from everyone, especially from hackers, pinschers or even from someone mischievous around you, you can install privacy apps on your phone. They will protect your personal data from any third party access and keep it completely safe. To know which are the best privacy apps you can download, just run your eyeballs on the list given below.

Privacy App

1. MyPermissions

Privacy Lock Apps

Many of you do not have the idea that several apps also access your information online. By using MyPermissions, you can take back the control of the accessibility of the app of your personal info online and on the phone. This app allows you to see which are the apps connected to other apps such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and what data they are accessing. Later you can approve, remove or report about the apps which are accessing the information on your phone.

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2. DuckDuckGo

Duckduckgo Security

Most of the browsers keep track of your activity and your search history. This at times compromises your web privacy and all your activities can be traced. DuckDuckGo is a search engine which on the contrary protects your web privacy. It does not track your browsing activity like other browsers nor does it collect your personal information. The app is quite user-friendly and has attractive features like smarter search answers, open source design, and many other things.

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3. AppLock – Fingerprint

App Locks

The threat to your sensitive data on the phone can not only come from online; someone can physically fiddle with it as well. Hence it is important to secure your phone properly. To keep your phone data, safe AppLock-Fingerprint is the one the best option you can opt for. You can unlock your apps by scanning your fingerprint. It is useful for protecting your personal apps like gallery, Facebook, Whatsapp, and other sensitive apps with a fingerprint password. Apart from apps, you can also protect the phone settings as well like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, incoming calls, installing/uninstalling apps and browsers.

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4. Orbot: Proxy with Tor

Phone Security Apps

For keeping your internet browsing safe and secure from unwanted tracking or monitoring, you can download this app to your phone. This app brings the features and functionality of Tor to the Android OS itself. The Orbot app helps in protecting your privacy online by using Tor for encrypting your internet traffic and passing it through an array of computers globally for keeping your privacy. The people whose main criteria is privacy for them this the perfect app.

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5. Kyms

App Lock Android

It is a smart app lock that can really fool people with its calculator disguise. The app Kyms stands for ‘keep your media safe’ which it does quite cleverly. The app icon names itself ‘KyCalc’ and the interface works like a calculator also. But once you enter the unique pin code it opens the vault of the apps that store your media, photos and social networking apps. It has a built-in web browser, and you can download online videos directly into the vault. So this is quite a useful app for protecting your personal data which you keep on the phone.

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6. Red Phone

Best Security App For Android

It offers completely secure end to end encrypted calls for doing for your private conversation on the phone which don’t want anyone should listen. The app uses VoIP calling application, offering free and secure calling option. This app gained momentum after Snowden’s disclosure about NSA’s tracking of calls.

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7. FrozenChat

Android Encryption App

This app is the best option for encrypted messaging which cannot be traced. It uses OTR (Off the Record) messaging for keeping your chat entirely private and secure. Everything you send is completely encrypted which rules out any sort of intrusion into your privacy. The most valuable feature of this app is that it does not depend on a central server for chatting like other messaging apps like Whatsapp. Instead, it supports open XMPP standard which allows you to register an account with any of public XMPP servers that is present all across the globe.

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These are some of the best privacy apps for android which will not only keep the data of your phone secure from any third party access but also will make sure that your conversation and calls are not traced by any unknown source, keeping your confidentiality completely intact.

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