7 Best Office Apps for Android

Office App For Android

In the office most of your job is done on the laptop or PC like emailing, presentation, documenting, etc. But while on the move it is not possible to carry the laptop everywhere or operate it. At that time your smartphone can be a big help for you. There are certain apps that you can download to do every sort of office work effortlessly without hampering your schedule. To know which are the best android apps for office use just go through the list mentioned below.

Office App For Android

1. Google Docs

Google Office Apps

Google Docs is a popular spreadsheet application for the official use as it helps to save your data and other records directly on the Google drive. The cloud storage can be accessed from any part of the world and is easy to handle as well. It is also available on android platform with relatively similar features. It helps in maintaining essential records related to your work and business, and the cloud network frees yours from the worry of losing any data. This online doc app can increase your productive time and also keep track of your work-related data.

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2. OfficeSuite 8

Office Suite 8

It is a great app for the corporate employees and business persons as it allows you to do multitasking right from maintaining data to creating a presentation. The app has evolved itself in a couple of years by adding some striking features. It uses ribbon-style interface which looks pretty close the recent version of Microsoft office. The app can support over 50 languages and can load files from different cloud storage providers. Though downloading of this app is free, but you need to make an in-app purchase to unlock its premium features like printing, remove ads, converting docs to PDF, etc.

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3. WPS Office

Wps Office Apk

WPS Office is a popular app among the corporate people for the official purposes. It looks like a cousin of Microsoft Office as it has strikingly similar features. To can make new sheets, edit and save your documents in the phone storage. The app is light and can be operated easily. It supports around 40 languages, wireless printing, and can integrate with Evernote. It also allows storing and downloading data from any cloud network. It can open docs from other sources as well in the traditional well.

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4. Quip

Free Office Apps For Android

Unlike other apps, it does not try to copy the interface of the desktop office suites. Yet, the functionary of the app is similar without replicating them all as it is specifically tailored made for mobile use. The app allows working on documents and spreadsheets, but you cannot make a presentation with it.  The app is like a fusion of Microsoft Office and Evernote which helps you to develop a productive content by using the tools of both the apps. If you use Quip, then you won’t be able to acquire files from other sources as it does not support them. It will only work if you are interacting with the person who has Quip app as well.

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5. Microsoft Office

Free Microsoft Office

It is like a leader of all apps that you can use for your official purpose and also one of the best one. Like its desktop version, you will be able to create word documents easily. You can even edit the docs that come via mail and the files that are stored in the cloud network. This app can take care of your total official requirement and can enhance your productivity immensely.

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6. Polaris Office

Polaris Office App

Polaris is the most user-friendly app meant for an official purpose. It is pre-installed on many Android phones which helps to edit docs and supports several cloud storage network too. The app has improved a lot over a period of time, and it even can cast your spreadsheets, documents, and presentations to Chromecast. You will need to create an account while using it for the first time. You can unlock some premium features by making in-app purchases.

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7. Smart Office 2

Smart Office 2 Free Download

It can be counted as one of the best office apps for the android phone. You had to purchase the app earlier, but later it became entirely free. It supports local editing of the word document, spreadsheets, and presentations. It also supports the files of Microsoft Office documents which was not available earlier. It can also be used for viewing and saving PDF files, images as well as WMF and EMF files.  The interface is simple to use without any complicated tabs and a good option for the people who require office apps with basic features.

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These apps can be incredibly helpful for those people who travel continuously for work. They can operate their work-related from anywhere and can do anything right from creating a new document to editing a current one. If you are also one of those people who are always on the move due to your job, then these are the best android apps for office that you can install and use.

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