7 Best Mobile Wallet App for Android

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Digitization of payments has caught up rapid popularity in the recent times. It frees you from the hassle of carrying cash and card everywhere you go and make the payments in cashless form. These digital wallets can be operated by downloading an app to your smartphone, and you can pay your money online just sitting on your couch or while taking a stroll. So if you want to know which are the best mobile wallet apps that you can use, then just have a look at the list below.

Wallet App

1. Google Wallet

Google Pay

The Google Wallet sets you free from the hassle of carrying both cash and card. Now if you purchase something at the store, you just need to wave your phone at the counter instead of swiping your credit card. The app needs to be connected to your credit or debit card, and you can easily transfer money online. This app uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for functioning, but unfortunately, it is available on select smartphones and tablets. Moreover, the app can be used only in the United States only, but Google is planning launch it globally as well.

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2. Paytm

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Paytm has gained huge success in India and have become the most popular digital wallet. It is almost like a prepaid service where you store money in the Paytm account, and the sum gets deducted as you make the payments. Apart from making online payments, this single app can be used for paying bills, transferring money, recharging mobile, buying movie tickets or paying your Uber cab fare.

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3. Ola Money

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The Ola money offers an excellent option for those people who travel on a regular basis by Ola Cabs. It allows you to make cashless payments for the cab rides which is indeed a great feature. You need to deposit a sum amount in the Ola kitty that will be used to make the payment every time you use the cab. This wallet app can also be used for shopping online, making flight bookings, buying movie tickets and several other things.

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4. Mobikwik

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Mobiwik has gained tremendous popularity right from the time of its launch. This app helps in paying money or transferring money by using your mobile. You can make instant payments for mobile recharge and bills without any hassle. It also is linked to some retailer brands due to which it offers some discounts for buying things online. The only thing you have to do for making this app is connecting your credit card, debit card or net banking account with the Mobikwik account of yours.

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5. PayUMoney

Android Payment App

PayUMoney is yet another great option for the people who want to make cashless payment via their smartphone. Like other wallet apps, you have to store some amount of money in its account which will be eventually deducted with every transaction. You can also link your credit-debit card or net banking account with the app for making the transactions. To separate it from the crowd of mobile wallets, it offers the users one-touch checkouts and discounts or cash back offer for every transaction made. To safeguard the interest of its customers, the app also provides instant refunds on order cancellation or cashback facility for doing the right purchase and customer satisfaction.

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6. Chillr

Best Wallet App

If you are looking for an app which will allow you to make connections with any bank for mobile payment needs, then this one is for you. It does multiple things right from transferring money, bill payments and recharges or to make online purchases. You can directly access your bank account and send money to any person who is in your phonebook. Being a multi-bank usable app, it has become a popular digital wallet app among the people.

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7. PayPal

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The list of best mobile wallet apps cannot be completed without mentioning about the granddaddy of all, PayPal. This app is used by millions of people all over the world for doing online transactions. You can send money to any PayPal user in over 100 countries by just using their mobile number and email address. You can both spend money and withdraw it only on one tap. It is easy to keep track of transactions as you can access all the details of it on the app. For doing domestic and international payments and purchases, Paypal is one of the best wallet apps you can use.

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These apps are some of the best and most convenient payment gateways that you can do for making transactions online. They help you in getting rid of carrying unnecessary cash or even credit and debit card with you.  With multiple features of online payment option and most importantly cashless transaction via mobile phone, these digital wallets can surely make things much easier for you.

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