7 Best Computer Games for Kids

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In the age of technology, the toddlers and kids are also getting inclined to use gadgets and playing games on the computer. Today, there are plenty of games available that can not only entertain your kids but also educate them as well. The games are intriguing, and the child can also learn many things from them. To know which are the computer games that you can allow your kids to play just scroll down and have a look at the list given below.

Computer Games For Kids

1. American Truck Simulator

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If your kid’s favorite toys are cars and trucks, then this game is the ideal thing for him. This computer game allows the kids to drive massive trucks in a realistic environment with intricate detailing. You will be able to customize the trucks with new cabins, paint job, engines and many more things.

It will test your kid’s driving and concentration skills. They can drive and explore the American cities and countryside roads along with experiencing transporting cargos, chemicals, and food with a realistic feeling. The realism in the gameplay makes it incredibly exciting, giving you hands-on familiarity of the actual driving environment. To enjoy this game, you will need a high-end hardware accelerator and upgrade your graphics settings for running the game smoothly.

2. Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum 5

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The typing instructor is an educational and interactive game which enhances your child’s typing skills. Rather than just normal typing, the game is designed in a video game form which takes the kids on an adventure ride on the Typer Island. The kids need to play various step by step challenges in the game which will come in the form of lessons and tests. Many interactive characters will also come in-between and reward you for your typing efforts. This will motivate the kids to improve their typing skills in a better way. With multiple levels and 30 game challenges, the game can be easily played with dual language option of English and Spanish.

3. Snake Pass

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Snake pass gained rapid popularity just after getting released in early 2017. You get to play with an adorable snake called Noodle who with the help of his buddy like a hummingbird, Doodle move around various locations for collecting gems for progressing to next level.

The theme of the game is to collect items to advance further. It is just a collecting game with no fights, enemies or dialogues which makes it an ideal game for the kids. Controlling the movements of the snake might feel difficult in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, this game will be quite interesting for you.

4. Goosebumps: The Game

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The Goosebumps game is based on the famous book by R.L. Stine’s Goosebump book which was also made into a movie as well. The game offers a spooky ride (not so scary) of monsters, puzzles and solving mysteries. The gameplay is quite intriguing as the objective of the game is to outsmart the monsters who have invaded the local neighborhood and getting rid of them totally by solving the problems creatively. In case your child gets scared of the monsters while playing the game, it is better to look for other options for them.

5. Minecraft

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If your kids are a Lego fan, then Minecraft is the ultimate game for them.  It provides a perfect platform for the kids to use their imagination for building replicas of entire town and cities. This game has won several awards and accolades due to its creative play style and is also one of the second best selling video game of all time.

The gameplay includes two modes, one is survival, and another one is the sandbox. In survival mode, you need to protect yourself from monsters and collect resources whereas, in sandbox, you get infinite resources to build a world. There are some tutorials and walkthrough which will guide your child in playing the game in case they do not get the hang of it.

6. Brawlout

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This game is for a bit grown-up kids which offers the best arcade style fighting game. The game allows you to select a character from the list given in it against an opponent for a fighting match. It really feels like a brawl fight with special moves of each character to defeat their enemy. The dynamic fact paced action sequence of the game is exciting which can make the child stick with the game. With great graphics and interesting characters this undoubtedly one of the best computer games for the kids.

7. Sonic Forces

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Sonic series has been a popular game in all these years, but this latest game definitely deserves to be on the list of best games for kids. Children love sonic, and this time he is battling Dr. Eggman, a new villain from whom he has to save the world by assembling an army to fight the war against him. The 3D animation of the gameplay feels impressive, and you get to create your own characters for helping Sonic in his missions. The gameplay is fast paced, and each level starts getting difficult as you advance further into the game.


These are some of the best computer games that your children can play without much of adult supervision. They are both entertaining and educational as well which will help in the mental development of your kids also. The game will not only keep them occupied but will also enhance their creative side and chisel their concentration level too which incredibly helpful for the cognitive growth of the child.

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