6 Best PC Games of All Time

Pc Games

PC games have remained the mother of all gaming platforms irrespective of rapid popularity of Xbox, Play station and mobile gaming. There are hundreds of PC games that have ruled the chart and the hearts of the gamers all across the world. But in the array of all those games, there are some games which deserve a special place and remains favorite among all the generation of PC gamers. Here is a list of best PC of all time that has left an unshakable mark in the gaming world.

Pc Games


Best Games

Hitman series has remained one of the best strategic assassination games. It allows you to explore beautiful places and ruthlessly kill people. Hitman Absolution flaunts an excellent storyline of betrayal and redemption. The excellent graphics will make you stick to the game. Though the plot drags a bit compared to its last franchise Blood Money, the gameplay is quite intriguing with different missions, plenty of weapons to choose from. Carrying on its legacy, this game of agent 47 indeed makes it to the list of great PC games ever developed.

2. Need for Speed Payback

Race Car Games

Electronic Arts have developed the most successful game of all time, and that is Need for Speed series. Payback carries that legacy superbly adding a feather to the cap of this series. It is like a resurrection of the underground series launched earlier with a storyline of retribution, teamwork, cop chases and racing of course.

You can choose some cool cars from the garage and upgrade them after winning a race or completion of a stage. Gain reputation points, make money by winning races and most importantly, add more power under your hood. This EA games installation can certainly be counted among the best racing games of all time.

3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Rockstar Games

It is one of the best classic games that have been made by Rockstar Games. Among the other installments of Grand Theft Auto, this one is still ruling the chart. The gameplay is set in the backdrop of mid-eighties with a gangster storyline. The player controls the character Tommy Vercetti and completes various missions assigned to him. The graphic is decent, and the player can roam freely, exploring the environment by taking or stealing cars and bikes.

You will get to see bikini-clad women, use different weapons and drive different types of vehicles. You can even ride boats, fly helicopters or even drive a tank. Vice City keeps you on the edge right from the start with its clever storyline and challenging missions. So if you like a thrilling ride with a felony, drug lords, and gangsters, then this game is just for you.

4. Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman Games

Batman Arkham Knight is one of the darkest and impactful games developed by Rocksteady Studios. Based on DC Comics superhero Batman, the storyline narrates his battle against his arch enemy the Scarecrow who has launched an attack on Gotham City. The game has superb visuals intriguing storyline and the Batmobile which is uniquely designed for this version. It is played from the third person’s perspective in which Batman has to finish new missions flowing with the storyline.

The use of impressive gadgets and the action-packed plot keeps you on the edge. The fight sequences are intense, and at certain levels, you get to meet with some familiar faces like Catwoman, Robin, and Nightwing. The graphics are astonishing, and there isn’t a single moment when the game gets boring. Make sure you have a good graphics card to support the visuals as it had faced some criticism when launched on PC platform.  If you are a Batman fan and looking for a game that shows his badass side, then this one is for you.

5. Call of Duty: WWII

Call Of Duty Games

Call of Duty: WWII is another installment from the Call of Duty series and it is certainly the best one. The game gives you a breathtaking experience of World War II in three different game modes. The gameplay is set in the backdrop of D-Day with intense battleground war scenarios. The visuals of the game deliver lifelike cinematic graphics which enthralls you right from the beginning. The multiplayer options allow the other players to join you in the campaign in some of the iconic locations of the game.

The high octane storyline has some interesting twists and turns that pumps your adrenaline to a whole new level. You can also interact with new friends in the Boots on the Ground multiplayer option in the Call of the Duty community. With exciting game levels, stunning graphics and the multiplayer option, it is one of the best war based games that you can have for yourself.

6. Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb

Fighting Games

For the Indiana Jones fans, this game is a real treat. Launched in 2003, this action adventure game takes you on a ride across the world right from Ceylon, Prague, Istanbul and China with our favorite archeologist Indy. The game has an exciting storyline set in the backdrop of 1935. Indy battles it out with ivory hunters, Nazi general Von Beck, and Marshall Kai who tricks him to get the Heart of the Dragon from the emperor’s fortress.

The graphics are superb and gives a realistic feeling. Indy can kick, punch, shoot, whip, swing, climb and swim in his fight against the Nazis, Asian gangsters, and ghosts. You also need to use your brains to unlock certain levels like solving puzzles and finding out the artifacts according to the clue you get. You also get to fight with many weapons and of course with the loyal whip of Indiana Jones. The gameplay does not drag, and you get to explore a number of strange surroundings. The system requirement isn’t much high to play this game, and in the Indiana Jones series, it is possibly the best installment of all.

These are some of the best games of all time that has been ruling the hearts of the game lovers with their intense gameplay, exciting storyline, and spectacular graphics. These are some of the cult classic games which will always be the pride of the gaming industry.

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