6 Best Dating Apps for Singles

Dating Apps

If you are single for a long time and you are not able to find the right match for you, then don’t worry. In the age of advanced technology, you can search your match in the online world itself. There are now several types of apps that can find you a suitable date and hook you up with someone for a lifetime relationship or just for spending some quality time together. So for all you singletons who are seeking a girl or boy for themselves, here are some of the best dating apps you can install on your phone to find the right partner for yourself.

Dating Apps

1. Happn

Free Dating Apps

It is a pretty neat dating app which works like a local search engine, finding out suitable matches around you. The app uses the GPS to seek out the people around you and then allows you to connect to them. If you are a city dweller or live in a densely populated then the chances of finding the right matches get high. The app scans those people who have physically passed through your radius. Sign up process is quite simple as you can log in via your Facebook account also or create a new user Id easily as well.

The app has some unique features like you can ‘Like’ someone’s profile secretly, and they won’t know about your interest till the time they are interested in you as well. You can also seek your match according to company and job title which makes it easier to know about the other user and do more research if they appear a bit shady. With these features, it certainly makes its place in the top dating apps.

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2. Tinder

Tinder Dating App

Tinder has been the most popular and successful dating app ever launched. It has generated over 9 million matches to date, and there is a reason. The easy to use interface which you can swipe to find the matches makes a favorite of everyone. You swipe one way if you like profiles or swipe to the opposite when you don’t. Finding friends or hooking up is quite easy on this app as it allows you to have private conversations to arrange a meetup.

You want to find a soul mate or a partner for a one-night stand; everything can be done with the help of this app. The app has certain bug issues, and it makes having Facebook account mandatory for registration, but if you are seeking a casual dating partner, this app will certainly help you.

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3. Coffee Meets Bagel

Online Dating Apps

It is one of the best dating apps which will give you more reliable pairing rather than mere hookups. Both men and women would be able to see a curative list, but it only prioritizes those men who had shown interest earlier. The dating app is not just helpful for men and women to find each other but for the gay and lesbians as well to find a match for themselves. It emphasizes more on the compatibility factor rather than random hookups for sexual encounters and one night stands. The app is more transparent in nature and mainly uses the FaceBook data list to match the pairs.

The app is incredibly helpful for the guys as there is an extensive female database which they can scroll through. If you have trouble operating the app, you can even go for the tutorial which is given in the app. The only drawback is it will suggest you to some familiar name from Facebook friends list which can be a little awkward at times.

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4. Match.com

Match Dating App

You just cannot complete mentioning about dating apps without the granddaddy of them all, and that is Match.com app. The most pleasing part of the app is you don’t need to login via Facebook while signing up for the app.  Only thing is you need to add some photos of yours, answer few questions about your gender and preferences and create an Id and password.

The process of flirting with this dating app is by sending a “wink” for showing interest, and you can also search the database of the app for finding people to wink at. It will even show you personalized matches considering your interests. Though the app is free, you need to make some in-app purchases to open up premium features. Using this app is pretty simple with less amount of complication.

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5. Okcupid

Okcupid Dating App

The okCupid dating app is a popular app with an enormous 40 million users. The app works more in a traditional way by asking a set of questions to know for finding interest based on your preferences. It has features like swiping away the profiles which you don’t like. It is a free dating app but to access its additional features; you have to subscribe to open up the goodies of the app. For a simple hassle-free online dating, this app can be an excellent option for you.

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6. Bumble

Bumble App

Bumble does not follow the conventional rules of the dating apps, and its user base is widely women. Bumble persuades the women to make the first move to connect with men within 24 hours and the men also have the same time to respond. The same rule goes for the same sex dating people as well.

The interface is quite simple to use, and you need to have a Facebook account to sign up for the dating network. Many ladies would find the chat initiate thing can be a bit annoying. However, with its pros and cons, it is giving Tinder a fierce competition, and it reported that this app has around 4 million users.

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These apps are the perfect instrument for those people who are seeking a companion for themselves just for a casual fling or life log relationships. These dating apps also provide a good platform for the gay and lesbians to meet people with similar interests. It also offers a wonderful option for those people who are looking for a partner to have casual sexual interaction. So, for meeting and finding a good mate for yourself, these are some of the best dating apps that you can indeed opt for.

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