5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

Photo Editor App

In the age of social media and high-end camera phones, taking pictures and posting them on the social network has become like a craze. The hysteria of social media has boosted the popularity of photo editing apps immensely. Apart from the normal photo editing apps available with the phone, there are numerous other apps that you can download and install. They can edit, beautify, reshape your pics and even add some weird stickers or animations to them. So if you also have a habit of sharing pics on social media regularly, then check out some of the best photo editing apps which you can download to your phone.

Photo Editor App

1. Instagram

Free Photo Editor

Instagram is a great app that can be utilized for both photo editing as well as social networking. The app has wonderful photo filters that can edit and beautify your photos. It has face filters which move in real time, and you add the fun aspect in your photos. To edit the images, you can have different types of shades and filters which can give a new feel to your pic. You can even collage two or more photos together and post them directly after editing them.

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2. Prisma

Best Photo Editor App For Android

It is a beautiful app that can give your pictures a magical touch. The app can convert your clicked pictures into lovely painting and canvas type image with the help of its wide range of filters. It will make your normal photo look like a Mondrian painting. It makes the images looks stunningly beautiful which gives the feeling of an artist impression. Prisma is easy to use with multiple filters to choose from. All you need is a strong internet connection to make the filters work and the photos shall look magically beautiful.

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3. Snapseed


Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps that you can install on your phone. This is a powerful app for photo editing which supports raw images which will be a great help for amateur photographers. You get to use a variety of tools and fine-tune the images with an array of sliders. There also an ample number of filters that you can use to beautify your photos. Using the app is simple and hassle free which makes its place among the top photo editing apps.

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4. Aviary


It is a great app when it comes to photo editing with some useful features. It has got a one-touch photo enhancing feature which is indeed a fantastic option provided in the app. Apart from that, there is also manual photo editing settings for color, brightness, temperature, hue, contrast, and saturation. The app also has some fun-filled features like stickers, filters and cosmetic tools for enhancing your photos such as blemish remover and teeth whitener.

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5. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photo Editor

This app is the scaled down version of the famous Adobe Photoshop software that you use on your desktops. It is popular among the professionals for photo editing, and the mobile version also gives the similar feeling. The app is impressively easy to use with some killer features that do your photo editing in a jiffy. It has got functions like red-eye, pet-eye removal, manual control of brightness, contrast, color and white balance. You can even collage your images with borders and frames. The filters with photo-enhancing filters provide the best options for the people who edit pictures and post them on social media daily.

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For the people who have a knack of photography or taking pics and posting on the social media regularly, they can download these photo editing apps which has some great photo enhancing and editing options to make your regular picture an attractively beautiful one.

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