How to Sync Wired and Wireless PS3 Controller?

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Last night my friend invited me over to his place for some gaming sessions. I took along my Wireless Dual shock PS3 controller and he was ready with his wired gear. I always carry my own controller as this give me much control over my actions and button press. Changing controller usually take more time to adjust. However, controllers have memory settings which need to be wiped out before you can connect to a new console. Read on to know how I sync my PS3 controller with new consoles.

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Sync Wireless PS3 Controller

Know how to sync wired and wireless controllers with new consoles –

Sync Wired Controller

  1. Power on the console by pressing the power button
  2. If that doesn’t work, press “PS” button
  3. Wait until the red LED light flashes. This signifies that the controller is paired as Primary controller.

Sync Wireless Controller

  1. Now power on the second wireless controller
  2. Connect the larger port end of the controller to the front of the console
  3. If all 4 lights are flashing, the controller is charging
  4. Keep it connected until it charges up completely
  5. Now press the “PS” button on the 2nd controller
  6. You should see the LED light below 2 blinking
  7. This controller is now successfully set up as 2nd player
  8. You can now remove the cable and use 2nd controller in wireless mode.

How to Reset Settings?

In case anything goes wrong in the configuration process, you can reset the settings by pressing the recessed button beneath the PS3 controller. You can use a PIN or slim object to push the reset switch.

If you are still unable to sync your controller with the console you can ask for help and guidance through the comments section. Do not forget to provide detailed information about both the controller and the console that you are trying to sync with.

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