25 Best Android Icons Set For Free Download

Android SDK Folder Icon Image

Customizing the home screen of tablets, mobile phones and laptops begins with changing the wallpaper. Some people like to change the look even more by customizing the icons on the home screen. Changing the icons on an Android device is not very difficult and if you have a launcher replacement such as ADW Launcher and LauncherPro, you can easily customize the icons on any Android device. There are numerous icons to choose from as you can use almost all PNG files as Android icons. It is very easy to get confused with the numerous options available for Android icons on the internet. Here is a collection of some of the coolest icons for your Android device.

Android 2.2 Official Icons

Android 2.2 Official Icons Picture

Android Icon

Android Icon Picture

Android Icons R2 – Honeycomb

Android Icons R2 - Honeycomb Photo

Android Style Icons R1

Android Style Icons R1 Picture


Aelous Photo

Big Spender

Big Spender Photo


Blawb Image

Plex for Android

Plex for Android Picture



Boom Image

Android Icon Pack

Android Icon Pack Photo

Colorful Stickers

Colorful Stickers Picture

Android Green Icons


Android Green Icons Photo

Android Blister Icon Set

Android Blister Icon Set Image

More Codex icons for Android

More Codex icons for Android Image


Joker Photo


MiBadge Picture


OnceAgain Picture

Android SDK Folder Icon

Android SDK Folder Icon Image

PurityFS HD

PurityFS HD Photo

Supernova Icons

Supernova Icons Picture

renewSet for Android

renewSet for Android Image

Prime HD Icons

Prime HD Icons Photo

Indigo Icons

Indigo Icons Picture

Circle Icons

Circle Icons Picture


MadCurvilicious Photo

You can choose any of the above icons as they each of them are very unique and are sure to make your device look more attractive.

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