OLX India Funny TV Ad Campaign

There is absolutely no need to introduce OLX to the web world, but in case you have been living under a rock all these days, it is like India’s Craigslist, a free online Classifieds advertising website.

OLX empowers users to sell anything & everything by posting short classified adverts on their website very easily & for free. Buyers can then comment on these ads or contact the advertiser for buying their products.

Highlights of OLX


OLX is far ahead of any such classifieds advertising service in India & other 96 countries due to the following highlights…

User Friendly

OLX is super-user friendly, as sellers can too easily design their adverts themselves, picking color combinations, adding images & videos to make their advert an eye candy.

The OLX TV campaign highlights the ease of selling products – as soon as the Dad agrees to sell the old Desktop PC, it’s gone & that too for a great price!

Easy Management

Buyers have full control & track of their bought products on OLX, while sellers too easily manage all their products on sale, viewing comments, stats & analytics of their adverts.

Social Adverts

Your adverts at OLX are not only at OLX site, but sellers can also share their adverts on their social networking sites, like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. to attract more interested buyers & to reach an even larger audience.

OLX Anytime, Anywhere

OLX mobile site

OLX site has a mobile browser compatible version too, so users can easily view the site on their smartphones, empowering buyers & sellers to buy/sell products on the move.

So now you can sell your Grandpa’s old car while travelling in it, just like the their TV advert 😉

No Language Barrier

OLX is available in over 40 languages, so now you can feel yourselves at home on their site.

Featured Adverts

Sellers can also pay OLX to get their advert highlighted & featured on the top of their respective category for more audience & buyers.

Their TV campaign is simple and shows the reality of our lives, selling unused items for great prices, without any celebrities in the ads, now that’s what you call simple-yet-effective advertising.

TV Advert Campaign Video

The campaign’s punchline, “Sab Kuch Bikta Hai”, Hindi for “Everything Sells” is a self-explanation for the awesome free service by OLX.

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