MegaUpload taken down by FBI for Copyright Infringement, Anonymous Strikes Back & Threatens FBI

As I am typing this article, the hacker group Anonymous has taken down yet another government site, in response to the take down of MegaUpload, the largest file sharing site, by the FBI for copyright infringement issues & arrested 7 members.


The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) has not even been passed & look what’s happened. Anonymous stood up against this by attacking & completely taking down top government sites & SOPA supporters like


We will keep on updating this list as Anonymous brings down more & more sites in response to the MegaUpload take down.  Now imagine what happens after SOPA is passed!!

Anonymous claims it to be the largest attack ever, with over 5,635 People Confirmed Using LOIC to Bring Down websites.

PS: Anonymous has given this Operation the Twitter Handle: #OpMegaupload

Do you think this move by Anonymous is justified? Let us know in the comments below.

Author: Ishaan Garg

Co-Founder, Admin at TrickVilla, am a tech geek. My areas of interest include multimedia editing, SEO, web-designing, gadgets & more.

6 thoughts on “MegaUpload taken down by FBI for Copyright Infringement, Anonymous Strikes Back & Threatens FBI”

  1. I fully support the actions of anonymous. Just because they are the government does not necessarily mean the world’s smartest or the best people are in it. Anonymous has the power to start a nuclear war, but they haven’t. Think about it.

    This is just a warning. This is what they are capable to do in a moment’s notice in retaliation to one incident. Imagine if a site such as YouTube or Facebook was effected.

    They speak of freedom of opinion and freedom of speech, but the govt is trying to hinder hours. For 1000s of years people have elected a figure to speak FOR them, not to tell the people what to do. Perhaps this is showing that people doesn’t need a spokesperson, but the collective voice.

    The govt is obviously worried about the elections and their financial support, but that should not hinder the rights of the people. The people that put them in the White House in the first place. Is this gratitude? Is this what the Land of the Free stands for?

    No one is arguing that piracy is a good thing, but it’s time big companies get on with the program. Make your products cheaper! We go buy books, we don’t try to sit at a bookshop, take a photo of each page and then upload it on a site. We buy the book, because we can afford it. What kind of world do we live in when the teachers are paid less than big production houses? Why not charge for education and give a better salary then? The way the US govt has brought out SOPA and PIPA, charging for education will be next.

    Someone should fight for the people, but for the rights of people as a collective. Someone who will ensure that the people will get the best of life can offer. Not be a spokesperson who is determined to take the rights away from those who depend on them.

    Anonymous is hope for our generation. Hope that there is a method to all this madness. That we have a very powerful support system. We will never be left behind. We will never be forgotten. And we shall never lose hope.

    Thank you Anonymous.

  2. While I normally have no issues with their tactics or targets, I question this move / op. The only logical outcome is the passage of said legislation, and more confrontation and arrests to ensue. Home of the Brave, maybe, but We sure ain’t Free… I think the question should have been phrased: “Is sparking this candle better than bending over for our oppressors?”

  3. I for one fully agree with Anonymous’ actions. Some say that Anonymous should stop, that while their actions may be justified the means that they use are not.

    However I stand by and support Anonymous, whatever means they may use. We cannot let the USA destroy the internet. It is time to rise up against the oppressors. Support Anonymous!

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