How To Disable New Facebook Photo Viewer

Facebook has massively rolled out the new Photo Viewer to many users, which is an exact copy of the Google+ photo viewer.

The new Facebook Photo Viewer has comments on the right side of image, while dimming the background content of that page.

disable new facebook photo viewer

But you can by-pass that photo viewer very easily, to view photos in old style.

For that, simply open that image in a new tab on your browser, either by clicking the image with you middle mouse button, or hold the ctrl key & click on the image.

This will open the image in a new tab of your web browser, but in the same old facebook style!!


Author: Ayush Mittal

Co-Founder, Admin at TrickVilla, am a tech enthusiast. I am into programming, web-designing and developing.

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  1. ohhh… was very much interesting and as I read it, I rapidly went on Facebook &applied it…..thnxxxxxx….Trickvilla…….!!

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