How to remove personal data from new Facebook Timeline Profile

This may sound harsh to some, but Facebook is gonna force the new Facebook Timeline Profile onto everyone’s profile in a few weeks. Whether you like it or not, but that’s how Facebook has been pushing its updates.

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When you will get the new Timeline Profile, a notification bubble will appear on your Home page announcing the update & guiding you on how to use it.

Facebook Timeline Profile


Just like for those who opted-in for the Facebook Timeline Profile earlier when it was in developer mode, users will get 7 days to clean up their new profile of any personal data, that they don’t want to be visible in the public, before their Timeline Profile becomes visible to all.

However, users may choose to publish their Profile as soon as they feel it’s ready.

How to Hide Personal Data from Facebook Timeline Profile

Since your whole life at Facebook is accessible via your Facebook Profile publicly, you can choose to hide some personal activities or data to ensure privacy on Facebook:

  • If you already haven’t, activate your Timeline Profile.
  • Now go to your new timeline profile & move your mouse cursor over any activity box (a status update or a shared picture, etc.) that you would like to hide from Timeline. You will see 2 buttons on the top-right corner of that activity box. Click the second pencil button.

Hide activity from new Facebook Timeline Profile

  • Now from its drop down menu, choose Hide From Timeline & it will get hidden publicly.

Remove activity from Facebook Timeline Profile

  • However, you may also undo to make the activity reappear on your Timeline Profile.
unhide activity from Facebook Timeline Profile

If you already haven’t published your Facebook Timeline Profile, do so after cleaning it of any personal activities, by clicking the big green Publish button at the top of your Profile.

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