How Google Helps In Education Worldwide

Google,the name that needs no introduction and may be called as father of Internet.  Google is the best search engine all over the world.  Billions of people use it daily for information purposes. Google helps the internet users in all categories.

The question that arises from parents is, how this popular search engine can help their children in education. So here is a brief explanation about Google’s contribution in education, about how Google helps in education:

1. Google News

Google News is one of the great services from Google that keeps you updated with latest happenings in all the fields like Technology, Health, etc. Google News has more than 200 years old information as well.

google news for education

Students can easily point to Google News  site and can search for latest info of there interest. Google News not only helps students but teachers as well. Teachers can get knowledge about any topic and can give better explanation to the students.

Google News has received positive feedback from all the teachers and students over the Globe.

2. Google+

Google’s very own social network with revolutionary free video conferencing feature, dubbed Hangouts can allow 9 students to connect to 1 teacher at a time and conduct a kinda virtual class! What’s more, make the hangout live on-air and hundreds can watch it live!

3.  Google Search

Google Search can be used to find articles related to education. Teachers can access the web for better understanding any topic and thus they can make students’ concept more strong.

Google Search in education

Google Image Search can be used to find the images, infographics and diagrams related to any topic and thus can give better understanding of the topic.

4. iGoogle

iGoogle is serving the students and teachers in the education very well. It has got lots of gadgets which can help you in Studies for sure. Students can easily point to iGoogle and can customize the homepage with gadgets related to education.

iGoogle apps for education

You can easily create bookmarks to useful education websites. From students point of view, iGoogle can make the work of creating assignments easier and for teachers it will help them to provide useful content to their students, all at one place.

iGoogle has many gadgets already and you can also ask other students to create gadgets for you.

5.  Google Book Search

This is the most useful tool by Google which allows you to search for the ebooks you need. It does not only search the books from different online book stores but also give you demo view of the books as well.

google ebook search

So if any student wants to buy a new book and is confused about that which should he/she buy then Google Book Search is surely going to help them all.

6.  Google Docs

Google Docs is an online document sharing service. You can create docs and spreadsheets and can share it with your friends. Google Docs is an amazing service for both students and teachers. Teachers can create Docs,spreadsheets related to education and then can share it with their students.

google docs for education

Google Docs can also be used to inform students related to any Social problem like dowry. Google Docs are helping students as well, as they can stay in touch with their teachers and can ask doubts easily, now even easier with Google+.

7.  Blogger

Blogger is a blogging service from Google. Blogger can be used effectively for education purpose. Teachers can register a free blog related to any topic and can teach their students by updating articles there.

Many teachers worldwide are using this and many students are getting benefited from Blogger.

8. Google Groups

Google Groups enables you to chat with others by creating groups. Google Group can also be helpful in education as well. Students and teachers can create a new group for them and teachers can teach the students through online chat.

So by Google Groups service both teachers and students can stay in touch with each other.


Google is a great teacher in itself. If used efficiently, then both students and teachers can get benefit from the Giant Search Engine’s tree like service network 😉

Author: Ayush Mittal

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