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Fantage is a wonderful online game which many users get addicted to in a few minutes. If you are one of the game addicts and looking for Fantage cheats, you are in the right place. We have collected multiple Fantage cheats and tricks to help you get the advantage in the game. These are all working cheats as of August 2012 and has been tested on the official Fantage Game site.

Fantage Cheats List

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How to disapper and teleport using Fantage cheats?

You must have the winter to acrivate this. Cry and then you will automatically disappear. First you need to jump and then cry then you will drop down and walk a little. Thereafter you will disappear as if teleporting.

Unlockable Gem combo using Fantage cheats

  • Those of you who play this game for longer duration as non-members
  • Gold dress – 3 rare gems or 1 Kinda rare gem and 2 rare gems

How can you get to the balcony inside castle?

  1. You need to go in-front of the castle.
  2. Find a lamp which are placed on the front left.
  3. You need to click it and then click on the nearby balcony to get inside.

How can you get inside all server?

  1. During the game play press the Tab button your keyboard.
  2. You should now see yellow box which will list all the server names.
  3. Click on any server you want to enter.

Fantage cheats for No shoes

Important: You need to be wearing ANY dance party outfit

1. Get inside the inventory and select any of the available dance outfits
2. Close it now
3. Get inside the inventory again
4. You can select anything but remember not to select any shoes
5. Exit

P.S. Credits to melodey123 for discovering this Fantage cheats.

How to get unlimited money in the Fantage game?

You can gain more money in Fantage by logging in every day. If still that is not enough you can create a new classroom inside the Fantage open school. EVery time a enw class room is created you get 10 stickers. You can sell those stickers and repeat the steps untill you have collected huge amount of money.

How to create a V.I.P room even if you are not a V.I.P?

  1. You need to go to Top models and select the VIP room from there.
  2. Now you will have to press the house button very fast.
  3. You will be show that this is only for members
  4. Just X it.
  5. You should be in by now.

How can you walk on the walls?

  1. Go to Downtown
  2. Or else you can also go to the Cloth shop
  3. Now position yourself a bit far from the door
  4. Open inventory
  5. Go to the creatures tab
  6. Click on your creatures and continuously press the Tab button.
  7. Do not close the pop up message
  8. Now press Enter and Exit all messages
  9. Now try climbing the wall

Note: Remember not to click on the floor or else you will have to repeat the steps again

How to Walk on Sun Block wall?

  1. You need to get on the top of beach house
  2. Now Enter beach house With the display sign Sun Block
  3. Get inside it and thereafter open sun block tan machine
  4. Enter and close it
  5. press on the top of sun block wall
  6. No you will definitely float up

How can you get outside a window cafe?

Go inside the cafe
Now continuously press the wall behind casheir lady.
You will now start to float.
Now cilck on the window pane repeatedly
You should now be outside.

How to do Water Squirt?

  1. Get inside Carnival.
  2. Find fire hydrant.
  3. Find the top left knob and click on it repeatedly
  4. The water should squirts out now.

Fantage cheats to collect lots of stars


  1. Make a new user
  2. Set it in the Vs mode
  3. Repeat as many times a you want
  4. You will get STARS for each Vs mode


  1. Host a new fashion show
  2. Wait for a few people to turn up and start
  3. Select a new theme and then Exit
  4. After the fashion show ends you should get more stars and points


  1. Play the Splash
  2. Every time you win Splash you will get as much as 80 stars

How to hijack FREE clothes in Fantage?

  1. Login to the Fantage Account
  2. Find and Go to the Le shop
  3. Select clothes in the this order – TOP and then Bottom and then Shoes
  4. You should not purchase them as of now
  5. Now Exit The Le Shop quickly ans get inside Stellar sallon
  6. Just remember not to panic
  7. Select any new hair style – Premium or non premium
  8. After that get inside your inventory
  9. You should now see the cloths there

Note: This cheat is only valild for the particualr session. As soon as you log out or get disconnected the clothes will be gone.

How can you Fly outside of your house?

  1. Get inside your house and click inventory quickly
  2. Close it fast and you will be unable to see where you are
  3. Get down and you should see that you are flying

Note: This hack works only for houses

Some Additional Hints for Fantage Game

  • Always try to grab oranges from the fruit lot as they can help you run faster
  • Always grab the starz which are more worth in the collection

We have tried our best to provide all possible Fantage cheats in a single place but there are always some new additions and discoveries. So if there is anything missing here you can leave back your addition in the comment section. We will add it up in our next update for Fantage cheats with your name in reference section. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. Enjoy your game.

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