Configure WPA WiFi Security in Windows

WPA2 or Wireless Protected Access 2 is the best form of wireless security for your WiFi internet connection, better than WEP or WPA (its predecessor). But this new type of encryption is neither supported in all Wireless Routers, nor in all Windows versions.

This tutorial will guide you through to ultimate wireless security for your WiFi connection.

Does your Wireless Router support WPA ??

If you have a very old Wireless router, chances are that it will neither support WPA, nor WPA2. Call your router manufacturer support staff and ask if your router can support WPA or WPA2.

Upgrade the wireless router firmware with the support staff’s help, if necessary. If your router doesn’t support WPA or WPA2, stay cool with a WEP encrypted password, no need to go further into this tutorial.

Does your Computer Support WPA ??

For Windows XP Service Pack 1 (Win XP SP1)

Windows XP SP1 does not support WPA by default while it cannot support WPA 2 at all.

To upgrade your computer to support WPA (but not WPA2), either Install Windows XP Support Patch for WPA from Microsoft or upgrade your computer to XP SP2 or SP3.
For Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Win XP SP2)
Your computer supports WPA by default, but not WPA2. To also support WPA2, either install the WiFi WPA2 update for XP SP2 from Microsoft or upgrade it to Service Pack 3.
For Windows XP Service Pack 3 / Vista / 7

Your computer supports both WPA and WPA 2 by default. So directly jump to the next section.

How to Configure WPA2 WiFi Security

1. Open your WiFi router’s administrative console by entering the routers IP address in your browser’s address bar.

Useful Tip: How to find your router’s IP address

2. Now log- in to the console through your username and password, which in most cases is set as default:
PASSWORD: password

Change Default Administrator Password on Wireless Routers

3. Go to Wireless Setup and click on Wireless Settings

Wireless Setup

4. Now, in the Security Mode choose WPA Personal, in the WPA Mode choose WPA2 and in Pre-Shared Key enter your desired password..

WPA2 Setup

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