Best 14 HTML5 Games You Wont Stop Playing

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Every Internet user has some personal fetish for Flash. Either they love it or they hate it. Moreover the limitations of Flash for Mac and Apple devices forced developers to think something mutual. HTML5 is the solution to all these problems. The most important advantage with HTML5 over flash is that it is an open source initiative and the developers are free to experiment and modify every single bit of internal code so that better games and applications are designed.

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You can play these games on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. But if you are Internet Explorer users you will have to use this plugin to upgrade the functionalities silently. So, now we are all set to start our Html5 gaming experience.

Top Cool and Addictive HTML5 Games


It is one of the fastest browser games. It can automatically scale down to your browser size settings for optimum view. This is one of the worst downside of flash games when it comes to automatic scaling inside the browser window.

3Bored HTML Game image

Plot: You control an arrow size rocket device from the incoming attacks from a bunch of galaxy hosts. You need to fly around the screen and avoid as many amount of attack as possible. The more you avoid the attacking host the more points you gain. This sure is one hell of a very addictive game.


This is second in our list as the idea of the game is completely unique and appealing. The game has no glitches and loads inside the browser very fast.

SINOUS html 5 game

Plot: This game is a mash up of Boomshine and Snake. The player needs to move around the snake without getting in contact with the rotating circles. At first glance it would seem easy but as one starts playing the game the skills are put to test with every level of advancement. IF you know a person who has a big ego, just ask him to play this game for once.

Wolfenstein 3D

If you really miss the old time games, Wolfenstein 3D will take you on a vintage ride. It was one of the best short 3D shooter games.

Wolfenstein 3D  HTML5 game

The HTML5 version, which has been displayed here, is not actually the complete game but it is a working demo version which allows a player to shoot and hop around from one level to another.


This is one the classics upgraded for HTML5 use. The developer Ketoast has successfully upgraded the graphics for a whole new experience. The sounds are very deep and it really beats the ear drums when played with full volume. The game also zero errors and no bugs are visible since I have been paying the game for around 4 months now.

Asteroids HTML 5 game

Plot: You are the master of a ship cruising through the galaxy with asteroids of different size blocking your way from all directions. You can change your position and activate shield to escape the sudden star attacks. The shooting mode is very slow and you have to very fast to quick attack the asteroids and escape the collision from the debris as well. This game is definitely worth a try if you need some time to kill.

The Legend of Sadness

The primitive Zelda games lover will have a smile when they see this game. The innocent looking cartoon graphics and teasing funny puzzles are direct aura from the Nintendo platform. It is a master piece from the early 90’s of the Nintendo productions.

The Legend of Sadness HTML 5 game

Plot: The player is a young boy who is on for a quest so that he could lift the curse off his village. Although the game is very short but the playing experience is worth good which will not disappoint you for sure. The game has a very twisting end which is sure as exciting as the game itself. You can use the ‘Z’ key to fire and ‘X’ for interaction.

Sand Trap

This game has been built up from scratch as compared to the old game. Not a single previously made engines are worthy for HTML5 development. The game has multiple levels and with each level the difficulty rises exponentially. The soft music adds melody to the game play.

Sand Trap image

Plot: There is a pile of sand in every level which needs to be poured out to a bucket. The central slab has maze like structures and hurdles to block the flow of sand. The time keeps the tab of your performance and you can retake any level to upgrade your score. The faster you play and more the sand pour in the bucket, higher will be your game points.

Dark Age

This is another one of Brent Silby creations – a master developer for HTML5 games. The most important thing about his games are the smooth game play gestures and hassle free mouse functioning. The impulsive keyboard input and mouse events are very smooth for all his games. Dark Age is probably one of the best creations as a browser game.

Dark age html 5 game

Plot: You start as a knight and run through hallways and galleries collecting gold. You need to eradicate any enemy skeletal and stay out of their touch which can reduce your health. There are potions in the path to boost your health. Collect the keys to unlock the doors and move from one chamber to another. Complete demolish the originating coffin box to stop generating new enemies. After you complete the game just check out other HTML5 games by the same developer which are worth every second you spend for online gaming.


There have been many doodles which were designed in the past by Google but it was this HTML5 doodle which was kept on permanently to be showcased on the doodle gallery. Though there are not any new levels as the traditional game but this can give you a fresh start every time you start your browser.

pacman game

If you have not played PACMAN ever you have missed out the best html game that has been entertaining the world for years. You need to feed upon all the dots to win the challenge. You will also require evading the enemy attacks and quickly grab any new goodies on the game arcade such as strawberry and rose to extended life and add interactive powers.

Re Infiltration

This is the second version to the original infiltration game. The amazing thing about this game is that your mouse is of no use here and the keyboard takes over as full controller for the game. The directions are very hard to manage especially when you cannot let anything pass you by.


Plot: You have to guard houses behind you from the enemy spiders and killer insects which are looking for a small gap to infiltrate your security. The worst thing about this game is that it is tough from the very beginning and you need to stick hard to the game so that you don’t lose interest in the first try itself. It’s definitely one of our personal recommendations for our readers.

Bubble Trouble

As the name suggests this is a very quirky game with lots of surprises and features. The game is also available at app store for the apple family. The game is direct to the point and you will have to spend some time with this game to understand the features and combo points.


Plot: There are mixed array of elements inside a box that needs to matched and reduced to the lowest limit as possible. The person who can drop out mot matched stays for a long time in the game. My very own personal best was level 16.

HTML5 Helicopter

It is one of the most exciting one among this list of browser games. The mouse sensation and handling is all what is put to the test inside your browser. It is a single key oriented game and is sure fun to play.

html5helicopter game

Plot: You have to control and fly a helicopter in motion. First thing to keep in mind is that the throttle and the motion need to be controlled with the same key with press and release function. Yu also need to stay out of the walls and constructions all the time of the game. The moment you touch the margins you die in the game. I was able to fly my chopper for almost 2min 30sec before crashing to the central wall.

Quake II GWT Port

This is not a direct plug and play for Windows Users and you need to compile this mess to run it under windows environment. Mac and LINUX users can directly play this in their browser. This is one of the most complex games out there for the HTML5 browsers.

Plot: You are an elite commander of a team and you are on a mission of utmost importance. Just make sure none of the enemy survives. A perfect rendition of the original quake 2 games designed for PC and consoles.


Wondering if HTML supports multi-player interface? WPilot is a simple answer to your question. You can play without having the hassle of building or compiling this game as is the case of Quake II. It is quite fun when both the players can actually share the same browser as an opponent. It can run for almost all the modern browsers except Internet explorer. You will need to patch as mentioned in the introduction to get this game working though we cannot promise 100 percent positive results.

Plot:  You can join in currently running servers from the website or you can create your own. You will simply need to add a JavaScript to your browser and follow the instruction available and you are ready to play. You need to attack your opponent with weapons and technique. Be fast to escape all attacks. The last surviving player wins.


If you remember the classic Atari Crossfire game launched way back in 80s, this is exactly the browser version for the same old vintage game. The movement are quick and you need to be in total control so that you are able to take on the challenge.

coverfire game

Plot: There are swarm of bees which are ready to kill you at the earliest. Evade the missiles, cannons and contact to survive the levels. Every time to survive one the next level becomes more mischievous with addition of new attacking species. Tap the keys fast so that the firing is continuous and move around the board so that they cannot zoom in altogether.

Enjoyed this list of HTML5 games you can share it with your friends and family. Also, if you have come across any new HTML5 game which deserves its place in this list, leave your suggestions in the comment section.

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