Use Google MORE efficiently with these simple tips

Google is a search engine, not a human. It works by matching the keywords entered by you in it’s search box, to the content of pages it has in its memory.

The most relevant pages are shown in an increasing order of relevance in Google’s search results. Following tips will help you search better:

1. Search a Phrase:

Suppose, you are searching for a book tittle, let’s say-‘animal farm’. Then instead of typing animal farm in Google, putting the title in double quotes would be better. It tells Google that the enclosed words make a single phrase.
Example: “the animal farm”

2. Include words

Sometimes, Google may not include a certain word from your search in its results. If you want to be included for sure, add that word in double quotes.Example: MP3 songs “download” “free” (This WILL include the keywords free and Download in results)

3. Exclude Words

You can choose to exclude some words from your results. Like, if you want to search about Independence Day, but don’t want to include results related to the movie Independence Day (that alien one..amazing, wasn’t it??), Then you can include a Minus sign before that word.Example: “independence day” -movie -film

4. Synonyms(Similar words)

To search for synonyms of a word, include ~ sign before that wordExample: ~sunset

5. Specific Document types

If you want to search for a specific file type, you can include ‘filetype:’ followed by the extension.Example: Global Warming filetype:wmv (this will show results of movies related to global warming in WMV format)

6. Definitions

You can search for definitions of a word by including ‘define:’ followed by your word.Example: define:windows

7. Calculator

To use Google’s built-in calculator function, simply enter the calculation you’d like done into the search box.Example: 5*9+(sqrt 10)^3=

8. Unit/Currency Conversion

You can use Google to convert between many different units of measurement of height, weight, and volume among many others. Just enter your desired conversion into the search box.Example: 10.5 cm in inches
Example: 1024kb in bytes
Example: 50 USD in INR

9. Related Search

To search for web pages that have similar content to a given site, type “related:” followed by thewebsite address into the Google search box.Example:

10.  Current Time round the world

To search for current time for any city, type “time” followed by the name of the city to get its current timeExample: Time New Delhi

11. Site Search

To search a particular website in Google, just add Site: before the site’s name and then type the keywords you need to search for.

Example: hidden Gtalk chat emoticons





Author: Ayush Mittal

Co-Founder, Admin at TrickVilla, am a tech enthusiast. I am into programming, web-designing and developing.

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