Secure your Facebook Account from Hackers & Phishers

Your Facebook Account is very sensitive. It has your pictures, your phone number, your hometown, your relations & friends & what not. Now imagine a mischievous hacker cracks into your account, it’s gonna be havoc everywhere!

Increase Facebook Security to keep hackers away

You already know the sensitivity of your facebook profile & that phishers & hackers can anytime gain access to it. Last week Mark Zuckerberg’s account was hacked into due to a bug & his private pictures leaked.

When Facebook founder is vulnerable, then who are you, huh? Following simple techniques will help you level up your Facebook Account security.

1. Click the down arrow at top-right corner of your Facebook profile & select Account Settings.

open Facebook account settings

2. From the left pane of Account settings page, choose Security

choose security in Facebook account settings

3. Here, you will find various methods for account security. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Security Question

You already know about this. You set a question & its unique answer. So when your password gets lost or stolen, just answer the question & you are in.

security question for Facebook

Secure Browsing

This feature will help keep phishers out in the cold. Secure browsing encrypts your browsing on Facebook with an SSL connection. Though the 128 bit encryption is not as strong, but something’s better than null. Check to enable this feature for sure.

secure browsing in Facebook with SSL connection

So next time you log into Facebook, make sure that you see https in your browser URL bar in place of Http, to check that you are signing in at the real Facebook & not a fake one which is there to trap your password.

SSL connection for facebook

Login Notifications

Facebook can notify you whenever your account is accessed from a location other than the one you usually use, or when it is accessed by a mobile or computer other than yours. This can be really handy!

login notifications in Facebook

Check the option by which you want to receive notifications, Email or Mobile. It’s recommended to enable both.

App Passwords

Facebook apps password

If you use secured Facebook app like Skype, Jabber, Xbox, then you should generate an app password. You will be able to use this newly created app password instead of your Facebook account password for increased security.

Recognized Devices

facebook recognized devices

These are the mobile or Tablet devices that you’ve used to access Facebook. If you’ve never used a device that is listed here, you gotta remove it. Keep an eye on this section to see no unauthorized devices are added.

Active Sessions

Read more about this security feature here: Check if someone else is using your Facebook account

Hope you have edited your Facebook security settings as explained above, to keep hackers away from your account.

In case your facebook account has been hacked, head over to

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