3 Reasons For Extremely Slow Internet

When it comes to getting the best from your broadband internet, choosing the right ISP is very critical because it can determine how fast and efficient your internet will be. However, it is also equally important that you consider the possibility of your computer affecting the speed of your broadband internet connection and making it slow. All you need to do is fix them and you will notice a significant improvement in your internet speed.

slow computer makes internet slow

Unnecessary Softwares Installed

If your computer is beginning to misbehave and you’re starting to notice your internet connection being slow when it is supposed to be very fast the first thing you have to check is the number of applications you have on your computer that you don’t use.

Every computer has an allotted memory that it can use and this memory always has a significant impact on what can be used with the computer and how effective it will be. Most applications use the available internet bandwidth for updating themselves in the background, which may slow down your surfing.

Take a look at all of your computer applications and try to uninstall all the applications that are not useful, especially if you have not used them for a very long time. Doing this will make your computer faster, and thus impact your internet speed.

You Don’t Have a Solid, Up-to-Date Antivirus

A computer without a good antivirus is as good as dead because it will soon be completely useless. If you don’t have a solid antivirus installed on your computer then you should try to research online to see which antivirus fits your needs the most and install it. Here is a list of  Top 5 Free Anti-viruses

A lot of changes are being made every day in order to enhance the effectiveness and speed of your computer and you should also know that a lot of hackers are trying their best to break through this new security so it isn’t just enough to have the right antivirus, it is even important to ensure your antivirus is always up to date, so as to avoid malwares that eat up your bandwidth.

You’re Not Always Shutting Down Your Computer

There is a right and wrong way to shut down and restart your computer and if you’re always using your computer switch to shut it down then you may be doing the wrong thing. The right way to shut down your computer is by using the shut down option that comes with it – this option can be accessed through the start menu.

The reason for this is that if you don’t shut down your computer properly it will be corrupting your system files which will in turn slow down your computer, bring about your system instability and sooner than later start causing you to lose your files.

Always shut down your computer properly and you will prevent it from making your broadband internet connection slow.

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