[Up-To-Date] Fabulous Google tricks & easter eggs

Google engineers know how to have fun. These tricks will blow you out as they reveal some amazing easter eggs in Google Search, as a joking bonus for you!

google easter eggs tricks logo

View our always up-to-date list of Google Easter Eggs, here

Get Rolling with Google Maps Cube Game, literally

Google launched the Cube Game wherein you have to guide a rolling ball to its destination in 3D Google Maps. This game has been launched as a Chrome Experiment, viewable in Chrome & Firefox.

Google Maps Cube Game
Google Maps Cube Game

Its fun, awesome & guides you around the features of Google Maps.

Zerg Rush is undoubtedly the best!

This is a real fun interactive game in Google itself, type Zerg Rush in Google Search & see little O‘s from Google’s logo destroy everything on your search page.

zerg rush Google easter egg
zerg rush Google easter egg

Your aim: Click 4 times on each of these O‘s to kill them, make a high score, share it on Google+ & compete with others!! 😀

1. Make Google ‘Do a barrel roll’..!!

Okay, now this is really fun & trending. Go to Google & type ‘do a barrel roll‘ (without quotes) & hit enter. See the magic!

2. Whoa! Who the hell shook up Google, huh?

What happened to Google?!?! See for yourselves: just search Google for ‘askew‘ (without quotes). hehehe…the same Google trick can be achieved by searching Google for tilt.

3. Google has a new logo? an ASCII one??

Yes & no. Search Google for the phrase ‘ascii art‘ & take a look at the Google logo besides the search box..! It’s been converted into ASCII art! See the pic below:

ascii art google

 4. Google Map’s pegman turn LEGO!

While using Google Maps, you would have noticed the Pegman used to signify Street View. (See pic below)

pegman Google Maps

Now search Google Maps for Legoland, Carlsbad, CA and drop the pegman into that location, where blue lines come up. You will notice in your screen’s bottom-right corner, that the pegman has turned into a LEGO character in the Maps! (See screenshot)

legoland pegman google maps

5. Recursion Recursion Recursion…

Google’s sick of Recursion too. Search Google for Recursion & it will say: Did you mean Recursion

Click on the did you mean link & keep clicking….until you get boiled 😉

google recursion

6. OMG! Pirates take ova’ Google?

See the pirrrated version of Goooogle, my good Crew!

google pirate

7. Google |-|@CK3D ??

You will surely enjoy the hacked version of Google!

google hacker

8. Google falls due to Gravity?

This is not a Google Easter egg, it’s created by someone else (Mr. Doob), not the engineers at Google. But it is something very interactive & fun!

Go to Google & search ‘google gravity‘ & hit the I am feeling lucky button. If you are on Instant-search, hit the first link that comes up in results page. Wait for a few seconds & see the unexpected as you see Google’s page break & fall! (See video)

9. Google Maps Funny Fail

Follow the link above

10. Play Snake game on youtube

Click on the linked title.

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