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Find WiFi Router IP Address

Many time you need to visit your router’s administrative console to update its configuration, change passwords, and do other security settings. But how to access it?

To access the router’s console you need to enter the router’s IP Address into the address bar of your browser.

  • Most routers have IP Address or
    So try these first.
  • If none of them works then follow these steps
    • Connect to your wireless router.
    • Go to start>Run
    • Now type cmd
      Run> Command Promt
    • Type ipconfig
    • Now find Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection: and under it find Default Gateway :
    • The IP Adress located on the right side is your router’s address.

To access the router’s console you need to paste this IP Address into the address bar of your browser.

Test AntiVirus with an easy Trick

A simple trick to quickly check the efficiency of your Anti-Virus.

This trick will show you how to test antivirus to see if it’s working efficiently or not.

  • Open notepad
  • Copy this code in the text file….


  • Then save it with the name fakevirus.exe on your desktop

If this file gets deleted immediately by your antivirus, that means it is working properly and is updated.

Fake Virus instantly removed by Quick Heal

If your Antivirus didn’t remove it immediately, delete the file yourself and check your antivirus. Is it updated & working? If yes, then I think your antivirus is not that efficient and you should consider changing it.

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Let us know the result for your anti virus in the comments below 😉