7 Best Computer Games for Kids

In the age of technology, the toddlers and kids are also getting inclined to use gadgets and playing games on the computer. Today, there are plenty of games available that can not only entertain your kids but also educate them as well. The games are intriguing, and the child can also learn many things from them. To know which are the computer games that you can allow your kids to play just scroll down and have a look at the list given below. Continue reading “7 Best Computer Games for Kids”

6 Best PC Games of All Time

PC games have remained the mother of all gaming platforms irrespective of rapid popularity of Xbox, Play station and mobile gaming. There are hundreds of PC games that have ruled the chart and the hearts of the gamers all across the world. But in the array of all those games, there are some games which deserve a special place and remains favorite among all the generation of PC gamers. Here is a list of best PC of all time that has left an unshakable mark in the gaming world. Continue reading “6 Best PC Games of All Time”

How to Sync Wired and Wireless PS3 Controller?

Last night my friend invited me over to his place for some gaming sessions. I took along my Wireless Dual shock PS3 controller and he was ready with his wired gear. I always carry my own controller as this give me much control over my actions and button press. Changing controller usually take more time to adjust.¬†However, controllers have memory settings which need to be wiped out before you can connect to a new console. Read on to know how I sync my PS3 controller with new consoles. Continue reading “How to Sync Wired and Wireless PS3 Controller?”

Best 14 HTML5 Games You Wont Stop Playing

Every Internet user has some personal fetish for Flash. Either they love it or they hate it. Moreover the limitations of Flash for Mac and Apple devices forced developers to think something mutual. HTML5 is the solution to all these problems. The most important advantage with HTML5 over flash is that it is an open source initiative and the developers are free to experiment and modify every single bit of internal code so that better games and applications are designed.

HTML 5 Games image

You can play these games on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. But if you are Internet Explorer users you will have to use this plugin to upgrade the functionalities silently. So, now we are all set to start our Html5 gaming experience. Continue reading “Best 14 HTML5 Games You Wont Stop Playing”

Fantage Cheats and Codes

Fantage is a wonderful online game which many users get addicted to in a few minutes. If you are one of the game addicts and looking for Fantage cheats, you are in the right place. We have collected multiple Fantage cheats and tricks to help you get the advantage in the game. These are all working cheats as of August 2012 and has been tested on the official Fantage Game site.

Fantage Cheats List

Fantage Cheats image

How to disapper and teleport using Fantage cheats?

You must have the winter to acrivate this. Cry and then you will automatically disappear. First you need to jump and then cry then you will drop down and walk a little. Thereafter you will disappear as if teleporting. Continue reading “Fantage Cheats and Codes”