Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Services

Cloud Storage is quite different from cloud computing. In the latter, you compute over the internet, while cloud storage means to store data over a network of servers online, so that you get access to it wherever, whenever you like.

Top 5 free cloud services

Imagine uploading your playlist of favorite songs over a cloud from your PC, so you can access those very songs on your iPod, smartphone, tablet PC and laptop, anywhere you like! Think it like a USB flash drive over the web.

Following are the 5 best cloud storage services that are free of cost.

1) SugarSync

sugarsync free cloud service logo


  • Free Storage: 5 GB
  • Referral program: +500 MB for each user you successfully invite. (upto 5 GB)
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows & symbian.
  • Speed: Automatic backup of files
  • Efficiency: Only transfers parts of the file that have been edited.
  • Security: SSL & AES-128 encryption

2) Dropbox

dropbox free cloud service logo


  • Free Storage: 2 GB
  • Referral program: +250 MB for each user you successfully invite. (upto 8 GB)
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry
  • Speed: Set bandwidth limit, manually.
  • Single Upload limit: 300MB
  • Efficiency: Only transfers parts of the file that have been edited.
  • Security: SSL & AES-256 encryption

3) ZumoDrive

ZumoDrive free cloud service logo


  • Free Storage: 2 GB
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, Palm Pre
  • Efficiency: auto sync, works offline.
  • Security: SSL & AES encryption with storage in 3 physical locations
  • iTune integration

4) Ubuntu One

ubuntu one free cloud service logo


  • Free Storage: 5 GB
  • Platforms: Windows (beta & buggy), Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android
  • Efficiency: Offline music on android.
  • Security: No encryption

5) TeamDrive

teamdrive free cloud service logo


  • Free Storage: 2 GB
  • Referral program: +250 MB for each user you successfully invite. (upto 8 GB)
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Speed: Auto sync & backup.
  • Security: ULD & AES-256 encryption



QR Code 101

What is a QR Code?

Short for Quick Response code, QR Code is a type of barcode that is readable by QR Readers, that are now available in most camera mobiles. The information encoded may be text or URL. You might find a QR Code reader in your mobile’s app store.

QR Code

QR codes are used to encode information into a 2D graphic readable only by QR Readers

How to read a QR Code?

  • Go to your camera mobile’s app store and search for QR Code.
  • Since almost all app stores have a QR Code reader, you will likely get a QR Code reader. Download & install it.
  • Now open the app and your camera should start working. Point the camera to a QR Code and snap a picture.
  • The app will decode the QR Code and show you all the info encoded in it.

What’s the use?

Advertisers use QR codes in print ads to give more info to the mobile user about their product in a more interactive way using mobiles. App makers use QR codes to instantly provide apps to users. Webmasters/bloggers can use QR Codes to instantly send their mobile users to a mobile friendly version of their website.

How to make a QR Code?

It’s too easy, just follow the steps below to generate a QR code for your blog/site via Google:
  • Go to
  • This is Google’s URL Shortener. Just paste your site/blog mobile-friendly version URL into the text box and click shorten button
    Shorten the URL to generate a QR Code
  • Copy the new shortened URL generated by Google & paste it into you browser’s address bar & add .qr at the end of the URL. Hit enter.
    Add ".qr " to the google's shortened URL
  • Instantly, your URL will be converted into a QR Code. Save it & upload it to your site/blog 😉QR Code
To make QR Codes for text and not URLs, visit

Install Nokia Ovi app to your cell from computer

Many Nokia users have this issue. They do no have access to WiFi and mobile internet is very slow. So how to download apps from the Nokia Ovi Store to your Nokia?

Someone suggested: Download the app to a computer and transfer it to your cell via USB/bluetooth. But Ovi Store doesn’t allow users to download apps into a computer, but hey, you are on Trickvilla 😉

Follow the tweaks below to first download any app to your computer and then install it on your Nokia mobile via Nokia Ovi Suite:

  • Open the Nokia Ovi Store and sign in from your PC.
  • Search the app you need to download & open it by clicking on the app’s name.
  • Go the the address bar of your browser and you will find a URL like this:
  • In this URL, replace ?clickSource=search with /download
  • So, you are now left with:
  • Press Enter and the app will start downloading on your computer.
  • Now connect your Nokia mobile with your Computer via Nokia Ovi Suite.
  • When your mobile is successfully connected, double click the downloaded Ovi app’s icon & it will open automatically in Ovi Suite.
  • Confirm installation and the app will get installed into your Nokia mobile.


The new Apple iOS 5

UPDATE: iOS 5 has been launched. See Apple iOS 5 has been launched

The ‘i’ firm has decided to take future beyond its still-unreachable limits, or at least it seems so. Apple Inc. released details of the new iOS 5 which won’t be available for masses till fall/autumn.

apple ios 5 logo

But here at TrickVilla you can get a glimpse of what the new iOS will feel like. According to Apple, the new iOS has more than 200 new features including:


A much demanded feature (which android had from the beginning), notification center allows users to get all alerts at one place. Now you can keep track of all new text messages, emails, etc by just swiping down a bar from top of the screen to enter the notification center. Whenever you get a new notification it pops in at top without disturbing the app you are currently engaged in. The center is even available on the lock screen.

apple ios 5 on ipad iphone and ipod


Apple brings a new messaging service called iMessage using which iPad, iPhone & iPod users can send unlimited messages through WiFi / 3G to other users having these devices. When you are messaging someone, the service has the ability to recognize  whether the person is eligible for iMessaging or not and will notify you accordingly. Also, it can track your messages, so you can see if your friend has read your message or not!


iOS 5 has a new feature called Newsstand which organizes your newspaper and magazine app subscriptions and lets you access them quickly and easily, on a fantastic wooden shelf.

With this launch of Apple’s own reminder service, users won’t need to download third party apps for a to-do or reminder list. The app showcases two screens.

  1. One screen shows the completed tasks.
  2. The other screen shows pending tasks.

Adding new tasks is an easy 1-tap job. Reminders can also be location based i.e. when you reach a particular location, it will remind you of what to do there.

Like, it can remind you automatically of the groceries you need to buy, once you reach a grocery store.

ios 5 apple devices


The new OS comes with Twitter integration. Just sign in once and tweet as you go. It can sync with your contacts to help you when you are tagging someone in a tweet using @ and you can also Geotag your tweets using GPS. You can share your photos by tweeting directly from the camera, the same applies for videos and webpages too.


The new Safari features tabbed browsing, where you can even reorder your tabs. Also, Safari Reader helps you read articles without distractions and Reading Lists lets you save interesting article for future reference.

PC Free

With iOS 5 updating software, editing your photos or adding new email folders doesn’t need any PC or Mac. You can do all this on your Apple iOS5. Also, files can be shared between Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad wirelessly without the need of PC/Mac


Users will be able to snap photos using iPhone 4′s volume-up button. The camera can be opened directly from the lock screen.

Save your wet mobile

You must have experienced it, your precious smartphone has had a nice bath, is looking new and clean, but you fear it’s ‘cleaned’ forever. Even if you have been lucky enough and have never experienced such a ‘dip’, read the article so that you know in advance what steps to take immediately when such an accident occurs, ’cause you gotta be quick!

Save wet mobile

However, if you are quick enough, you may save your wet cell phone. Follow the steps below to save your wet mobile or most other wet gadgets. I will be using a Nokia E71 for the tutorial:

  • Get the phone out of water ASAP! Pull off the back cover and remove the battery.
    Just disconnect the battery because water being a great conductor may short the circuits inside if you don’t cut the power supply in time. This is the most crucial step and decides whether your mobile will be saved or buried.
  • Remove all detachable accessories.
    Detach your memory card, SIM card, any external covers or peripherals to open up as many gaps as you can. Mostly the SIM & memory card will be alright, so just wipe dry them and keep them aside till we focus on the cell.
    Detach everything possible from wet mobile
  • Dry your mobile
    Even a drop of water can be lethal for your mobile by corroding it or shorting the circuit. You may use blotting paper, newspaper or tissue paper to dry the mobile, but take care the paper doesn’t get stuck in the gaps.
    Dry your wet mobile with newspaper or tissue paper
  • Wipe with cleaning alcohol.
    Once you have removed the battery and wiped your phone dry from outside, you can dip an ear bud in cleaning alcohol and swipe it across the back cover (where the battery is placed). Alcohol will displace water.
    Dry your wet mobile with cleaning alcohol
  • Use a vacuum cleaner.
    Suck out the moisture from your mobile with a vacuum cleaner. Keep turning & rotating the phone while using a vacuum cleaner to reach all areas, for at least 20-30 minutes. Don’t take the cleaner too near to the cell or it may build up static electricity which may harm your phone.
    Suck out moisture from wet mobile with vacuum cleaner
  • Use Silica gel or Rice to absorb moisture
    If you have silica gel packs (found in water bottles, laptop cases, shoes), place your mobile with the packs in an air tight container overnight. Silica gel will absorb moisture from the cell. If you don’t have silica packs, dip your mobile in a bowl of raw, dry rice as it has high affinity for water & will absorb moisture like silica, when kept overnight. If you are using rice, you can keep the bowl with your mobile in front of an Air conditioner as the AC emits dry air.
    Put wet mobile in rice overnight to dry moisture
  • Testing time!
    Now that you have given your mobile a good night’s sleep (with silica or rice), its time to test your hard work. Make sure once again that there are simply no traces of moisture on your cell. Like, foggy screen shows moisture is still trapped inside. Attach the battery and try to switch on your phone.

    • Passed?? icon biggrin Save your wet mobile
      Great. You have saved your mobile. Now take good care of your cell in the future. You can buy a wet cell phone emergency kit for future emergencies.
      test your wet mobile after 24 hours
    • Failed?!?! :0
      Remove your battery, plug in the charger and start your phone (yup, without the battery).

      • Working?? icon wink Save your wet mobile
        If it starts, your battery is damaged, not the cell, get a new battery.
      • Not working?? icon sad Save your wet mobile
        If not, go to customer service center. No need hiding the fact that your cell was damaged from water, they’ll know it from the dedicated circular indicators on battery/back of phone that change color when water seeps in. Mine changed color from white to red.
        The white water indicator of your wet mobile will change color


Do not shake your phone.
Shaking may push the water through to the interiors, even where water may not have seeped in earlier. Also, you do not want your mobile crash landing on the floor.
Do not shake your wet mobile

Do not keep your cell in the sun for long.
Sunlight may heat up the mobile. Never place your phone in direct sunlight for long time.


Do not use a hair dryer. Not even the cold mode.
Hair dryer will force moisture further into the smaller components of the phone. Heating will leave behind salts & minerals that may oxidate and corrode the circuits or even worse, melt some internal components.

do not use hair dryer on wet mobile

Do not put your cell inside a refrigerator/freezer
It’s so cold inside, you may end up damaging your LCD or cracking the circuits inside. This is a foolish step but dunno why, I have seen many people/sites recommending this.

Do not put wet mobile in refrigerator

Do not heat the battery
Never try to heat the battery in order to dry it. Lithium-ion batteries  are very sensitive to heat and may explode, leading to injuries.

Do not put your cell in a microwave oven
This is another foolish step but many people/sites recommend this.You may end up over-heating the circuits and LCD or it may burn altogether, damaging your oven as well, setting fire to your oven and mobile…and house too maybe. Okay, that’s enough. You got it no?

Do not microwave your wet mobile

Do not switch on the mobile if screen is foggy
Foggy screen indicates that moisture is still trapped in the screen. Use vacuum cleaner and leave cell with silica packs overnight.


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