How to Check Android for Virus

Virus issues not only bother your PC and laptop, but they can also create trouble for your Android phone as well.  The android phones also get infected by virus and malware attacks which can make them behave erratically. It can prove to be a big trouble for you, but the issue is that unlike computers, it is quite hard to understand that the phone is infected with a virus. It is a tricky problem but if you want to know how to check your Android phone for a virus, then see the things mentioned below. Continue reading “How to Check Android for Virus”

Best Games for Android You Can Download

Gaming today is just not limited to your PC or Play station, but it has expanded its wings to your cell phones as well. Earlier the mobile games were very basic with the use of minimal graphics. But with the evolution of Android phones, mobile gaming has reached a whole new level. The android games are now visually rich with incredible graphics, dynamic gameplay and engaging storyline that will just make you an addict of it. So if you want to know which are the best android games you can have on your phone, then check out the list given below. Continue reading “Best Games for Android You Can Download”

Tips for Android Phone Maintenance

Many Android users come across problems like slow speed, phone hanging and virus issues. These problems can be a big headache for any android user since it affects the phone’s performance drastically. The smartphone acts as a mini computer, and it needs some care and maintenance too. If you are still confused about how to take care of your phone to avoid any glitches, then follow these tips for maintaining your android phone. Continue reading “Tips for Android Phone Maintenance”

10 Best Wallpaper Apps for Android

After purchasing a swanky android phone, the first thing that comes to your mind is to set attractive wallpaper in the background. Different people have different types of preferences when it comes to set the wallpapers of the android phone. Finding the right kind of wallpaper is not hard as there are several apps available in the Google Play Store that can match your taste and you can set the background of the phone according to your choice. So here is the list of some of the best wallpaper apps for your android phone. Continue reading “10 Best Wallpaper Apps for Android”

7 Bad Apps That Can Harm Your Smartphone

Most of you download several apps to your smartphone which you think can be useful for you. Some of them are used for your daily purpose, some for entertainment and few for technical purpose. You think that you are staying updated in this technological revolution but little do you know that many applications can actually harm your mobile phone. It can be shocking to you that the very app that you have downloaded to improve your mobile’s performance damages your phone’s shelf-life to a great extent. If you are unaware of such thing till now, then see the below list of bad apps that you should not download or uninstall from your phone right now to save it from further damage. Continue reading “7 Bad Apps That Can Harm Your Smartphone”