Increase RAM Virtually, no software, no cost

Most computers today have something like 32 or 64 megabytes of RAM available for the CPU to use. Unfortunately, that amount of RAM is not enough to run all of the programs that most users expect to run at once. To speed up your windows or to increase RAM virtually,

  1. Right click on My Computer
  2. Go to Properties
  3. click on Advanced
  4. Go to Performance>Settings>Advanced>Virtual Memory>Change
  5. Keep the initial size same as recommended and double the maximum size, then restart your system.

It will improve speed of windows and also allow you to do better multi tasking.

Watch Star Wars (yeah, the movie) in Dot Matrix!

Yeah…you read it right….Watch “Star Wars-Episode IV” in command prompt for free.
It takes very little download as there are no REAL pictures involved, only dot matrix. I recommend you to try this Amazing trick, right away!


  1. Internet Connection
  2. MS Windows (any will do)
  3. Little patience..!!


  1. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, you need to enable telnet. Click Here to know how.
  2. Go to START, open RUN
  3. Type “cmd” (without quotes) and press enter
  4. Press alt+enter to switch to full screen for better experience
  5. Type “telnet” (without quotes) and press enter
  6. Type the letter “o” (without quotes) and press enter
  7. Next to <to> type “” (without quotes) and press enter
  8. Wait till it connects, an introduction will start with credits, then a brief summary of star wars episode IV before the real part begins!

Be patient and then you will be able to see the movie in dot matrix….ENJOY..!!!

Test AntiVirus with an easy Trick

A simple trick to quickly check the efficiency of your Anti-Virus.

This trick will show you how to test antivirus to see if it’s working efficiently or not.

  • Open notepad
  • Copy this code in the text file….


  • Then save it with the name fakevirus.exe on your desktop

If this file gets deleted immediately by your antivirus, that means it is working properly and is updated.

Fake Virus instantly removed by Quick Heal

If your Antivirus didn’t remove it immediately, delete the file yourself and check your antivirus. Is it updated & working? If yes, then I think your antivirus is not that efficient and you should consider changing it.

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Let us know the result for your anti virus in the comments below 😉