Hidden Inbuilt Windows repairing Software

Windows has an inbuilt software for repairing itself. Named after the famous Dr. Watson of Sherlock Holmes series, this software can repair any bugs. Know how to open it here:
  • Click on Start>Run
  • Type cmd and hit enter
  • In command prompt window, type drwatson.exe and hit enter
  • Wait for a couple of seconds and a new dialogue  box will appear. If your windows is fine, it will say “no faults detected”, otherwise it will try to fix all errors.

Operate mouse from Keyboard

You can operate your mouse cursor even from your keyboard in case your mouse malfunctions, or just to show it off to your friends. Here’s how:
  • Switch on the Num Lock button on your keyboard so that the LED lights up
  • Press Alt+Shift+Num Lock keys at once and you will get a ‘Mouse Keys’ dialog box
  • Click on OK
  • Now using Numeric keypad, you can move your mouse pointer. The controls are:
    1,2,3,4,6,7,8 and 9 keys are used to move the mouse cursor into different directions. 

    Key 5 is used as mouse click button.

    Insert key used to hold down mouse button.

    + Sign used to double click on any object.

    Delete button used to release the mouse.

  • Press the NumLock button to disable this keyboard mouse feature

Display a message before Windows XP starts

This trick will display a message before your Win XP starts.
Caution: Editing the registry can be fatal for your Windows. Follow the steps carefully.
  • Go to Start->Run
  • On the Run window type regedit and press Enter.
  • Navigate to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mcft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.
  • Modify the key legalnoticecaption and write the title of the window that you want to appear.
    Eg: Message by Dave
  • Modify the key legalnoticetext with what you want the window to display in its body.
    Eg: This computer is owned by Dave, go away..
  • Restart your computer

Now whenever your computer starts, the message defined by you will appear before Windows XP is loaded…!!!

Boot Windows XP faster

Does your computer take a lot of time to start, which frustrates you? I am going to highlight 3 most effective ways to boot (start) your Windows computer faster.

1. Startup

  • Go to start>run then type msconfig and press enter.
  • Go to the startup tab. Here you will see a list of startup items.
  • These are all the programs that automatically start when you boot your PC. These programs slow down the boot up process.
  • So uncheck all the unwanted items like ms-office, messengers other utilities that u may not need at startup. Don’t uncheck your antivirus software.

Restart your PC to and see for yourself, your pc will now boot

2. Do a boot defragment.

This places all boot files next to each other on the
disk for faster booting. By default this option is enabled, but
on some systems it is not, so below is the information on how to turn it on:

  • Go to Start Menu and Click Run
  • Type regedit then click ok
  • Find “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Dfrg\BootOptimizeFunction
  • Select “Enable” from the list on the right
  • Right-click on it and select “Modify”
  • Change the value to Y .
  • Reboot your PC and see the change yourself.


This is done by disabling your unused devices in Device Manager. for example, if you don’t have input devices that are connected to one of your USB’s or COM ports, disabling them will give you an extra performance boost in booting.

  • Go to Control Panel -> System -> Hardware tab -> device manager
  • Disable devices that you don’t use for your PC and then restart.

Use your Pen drive as RAM

With the release of Windows Vista and Windows 7, Microsoft has introduced a new technology called ReadyBoost.

With the help of this technology you can use any Flash drive, SD Cards, CF Cards as the third memory option for the computer.

For Windows Vista & 7

1. Open My Computer.
2. Right Click on the Removable Disk Drive and select Properties.
3. Click on ReadyBoost Tab.
4. Enable the feature by selecting the option and allocate the amount of space you want to use as memory.

Things to be noted

1. You need at least 512 Mb of memory to run Windows Vista & 7 decently.
2. If your device is not giving the option of ReadyBoost, then it means that it doesn’t clear up the minimum data trasfer rate required by ReadBoost technology.


For Windows XP

Give Your Windows PC a Boost!
eBoostr implements a
different advanced approach to use flash memory to speed up your
computer forXP


use ur 2GB Pen drive and use only 1024 capacity of pen drive for cache.

You will get speed of 1GB, as if u have upgraded your RAM to 1GB.