Multi-function button in Headphones of your iPhone

You’d be surprised if I say that the iPhone’s
native headphones have a button inside the microphone.

Just squeeze the microphone together, and the button gets pressed.

The button’s functions:

During a call:

  • Press once to answer or hang up the call
  • Hold for 2 seconds to send the call to voicemail

During a call while second call is coming in:

  • Click once to hold current call and switch to new call
  • Hold for 2 secs and release to ignore new call and send it to voicemail

Out of call:

  • Hold for 2 seconds to activate Voice Control (on 3Gs+)
  • Press once to activate iPod and play song
  • Press once to pause song
  • Press twice to skip to next song
  • Click thrice to go back to start of song or previous song
  • Click once then click and hold to fast forward
  • Click twice then click and hold to rewind

Up & Down Buttons:

  • While music is playing, up & down adjust headphones music volume
  • While music is stopped/paused, up & down adjust ringer volume

And you took the button to be ordinary!!