New Facebook Email

Facebook has revamped its message service that includes an Email service for its 500 million users. You can now claim your email address, like

How to get the new Facebook Message System?

Facebook is gradually introducing the new message system to its users, not immediately at once, unlike what you expected, so you should see steps to upgrade soon. For the impatient lot, you can request for an invite from Facebook.

Facebook Mail

Once you are updated, Facebook will show you the steps and a small tutorial on the new system.

How to get

After you have received your invite, you can claim your email address. It will match your Facebook Profile Name. If you don’t have one, you can get it at the same time.


So what’s it all about?

Rather than the current messages and updates buttons on the left sidebar of your Facebook Home page, the new messages and other buttons will appear. All messages from your friends will appear in the Messages category. Everything else is sent to the other folder, including messages from Facebook Groups, from Pages you like and external mails from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

Localized conversations

All conversations with your friends are centered in the new message system, everything from chat to text messages and emails are available under one roof. Yeah, if you provide your phone number, you can bring SMS messages into the system too.

Facebook E-Mail Service

Your Facebook messages are even compatible with traditional email systems (Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail). When you get mails from these systems via, they’re directed to your Facebook Messages. When you send mails to external email addresses, they’re formatted to look like your messages on Facebook, including your name and profile pic along with your mail. You can even attach files other than pics and videos in messages/mails.

New Search

Another addition is the search element. Facebook has updated how message search works. You can either search for a person’s name or for a topic you were chatting about. You can also add people to conversations, remove yourself, or forward conversations to others.

Send Facebook messages via SMS

You can text Facebook to update your status or message on the go. You can also choose to receive SMS with messages, pokes, and wall posts from your friends in real time.

Example: To send a message “what’s up?” to a friend William Smith via a mobile text, just text msg william smith what’s up? to 9232232665

For more info, click here

How to control Privacy settings?

If you’d like to choose who can send you Facebook messages and Emails:

  1. Open the Account drop-down menu at the top of any Facebook page and click on Privacy Settings.
  2. In the Basic Directory Information section, go to View settings.
  3. Change the settings for Send me messages. Your options include Everyone, Friends and Friends of Friends.

In a Nutshell:

  • It’s free and easy to set up.
  • Having your email integrated with your messages, chats and texts makes it easier to check them all at once. All your different types of messages are in one place.
  • When people send you emails from external systems (Gmail, Hotmail, etc), they’re delivered to your Facebook Messages. When you send mails to external email addresses, they’re formatted to look like your messages on Facebook, including your name and profile picture along with your message.
  • Owning makes it easier for friends and family who are not on Facebook yet to connect with you.
  • Attach files in messages and mails & send messages via SMS.

When did you last start your PC??

Find out for how long your brother/sister has been sitting on the computer! In other words, find your computer’s uptime!

System Uptime: The number of hours a computer has been running since its last restart.

For Windows XP

Follow the steps below to find your system’s uptime:

  • Open Notepad on your windows computer
  • Copy and Paste the following code into Notepad
  • @echo.
    @systeminfo | @find “System Up Time:”

System uptime code

  • Now save the notepad file as uptime.bat onto your desktop or anywhere else.
  • Close the Notepad now and open uptime.bat by double clicking the file.
    Hint: The file will have an icon of a yellow gear on a white background.
    System uptime code
  • A black command window will open up. Wait for a few seconds and then it will start loading some information.System Uptime loading
  • Then you will see the system uptime in days and hours.System Uptime Report

For Windows Vista & Windows 7

Follow the steps below to find system uptime in Windows vista/Windows 7:

  • Press ctrl+shift+esc or ctrl+alt+delete. The Windows Task Manager will open up
  • Go to Performance tab
  • You will find System Uptime under the System category.

System Uptime for Win 7 & Vista

Download Youtube Videos Online

Download online videos from youtube, metacafe or any other website for free without any software in Mozilla Firefox.

Change Default Administrator Password on Wireless Routers

Almost all wireless access points and routers allow an administrator to manage their WiFi network through a special administrative account. This account is protected by a login screen.

Manufacturers set both the account username and password at the factory. In most cases:
Username is admin
Password is password

To secure your Wi-Fi network  you should change this account’s password immediately when installing the unit. The default passwords for popular models of wireless network gear are well-known to hackers and often posted on the Internet. Also this password should be changed regularly i.e every 30 days.

Steps to change the password are:

  • Open your router’s administrative console by entering the routers address in your browser’s address bar.
    TIP: How to find your router’s address
  • Now login into the console through your username and password which in most cases is:
    USERNAME: admin
    PASSWORD: password 


  • Navigate to administration>security>tools to change the password setting.home screenchange password
  • Now type the new password in admin password field and click on save settings.
  • Reboot your router and you can check your settings by going to router’s administration panel again

Find WiFi Router IP Address

Many time you need to visit your router’s administrative console to update its configuration, change passwords, and do other security settings. But how to access it?

To access the router’s console you need to enter the router’s IP Address into the address bar of your browser.

  • Most routers have IP Address or
    So try these first.
  • If none of them works then follow these steps
    • Connect to your wireless router.
    • Go to start>Run
    • Now type cmd
      Run> Command Promt
    • Type ipconfig
    • Now find Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection: and under it find Default Gateway :
    • The IP Adress located on the right side is your router’s address.

To access the router’s console you need to paste this IP Address into the address bar of your browser.