Best uses for a secure shared workspace online

A secure shared workspace can be one of the most efficient and productive ways in which those who are employed by the same company can collaborate on their work and exchange ideas on what is going on—something that can lead to greater productivity and more revenue for the business. This article will give some of the best uses for such a shared workspace by discussing Socialcast.


Socialcast—“the social network built for the enterprise”—is one of the best places to go for those who wish to set up secured shared workspaces online. One of their most outstanding features is the groups that can be used to focus on a particular topic, project or interest. By participating in such discussion groups, members can figure out what they need to concentrate their attentions most on, when they need to do so and why. Even external members of a team can work more intelligently and efficiently with the internal members. Socialcast can also be integrated with other business systems including intranet, wikis, CRM, ERP, PLM and Microsoft SharePoint. Those who use Socialcast can also track the success of their projects by getting feedback from one another. The system is also mobile accessible so that the members can communicate with each other over the projects while on the go.

A variety of solutions are available from Socialcast, of which different ones are useful for different types of professionals—executives, human resources, internal communications, sales and IT professionals. There uses can be detailed in the list below.

  • Executives—These people can use Socialcast solutions to improve the productivity of the workforce, encourage innovation, find the expert knowledge that they need and enable people to work with one another much better. Employees are encouraged to ask questions and to seek out those who can help them do their jobs more effectively.
  • Human Resources—The HR department of a company can accelerate the flow of information among individuals and sections, thus boosting the pace at which people get “up to speed.” This is especially valuable when we consider the steepness of the learning curve that newly-hired employees have.
  • Internal Communications—Businesses can set up a single centralized forum to organize their internal communications. Socialcast provides an immediacy that is lacking in email, making it a precious tool for keeping employees up to date on developments within the firm—new hirings, rules, purchased computer and equipment and other things.
  • Sales—This area can also be improved with a Socialcast connection. Accounts can be more effectively managed, collaboration improved to close deals and above all, you can stay one step ahead of the competition. Competitive intelligence can easily be tracked down by the sales teams, which can share both the information that they have gathered and their insights on what their own company can do.
  • IT professionals can use Socialcast to provide quicker answers to technical questions. The company can even do a database search to find solutions without even needing to contact IT at all. Socialcast can make documents stored with Microsoft SharePoint easier to locate. It can also help each department to benefit from the automation of the others—in other words, it can “socialize” business applications.

The final feature of Socialcast is something that the creators of this network refer to as a “town hall” where the executives can all meet together to “foster strategic alignment, direct communication, and deeper engagement.”

Many of the companies whose names are widely known have made use of the services and solutions offered by Socialcast. These include Forrestek, General Motors, Humana, Nokia, Philips, PSI, Random House and SAS.

Setting up an account

You set up an account with Socialcast by providing an email address. This MUST be a business email—no personal accounts are accepted. Once that is done you can set up communities in your account. Tags can be used to organize messages and files that need to be shared stored in one place.

A secure shared workspace is something that every business, whether big or small, must have to develop its resources, increase sales, and keep from “going under” as a result of competition pressure.

 KarimToohalik writes for Brainloop, a company specializing in creating a highly secure workspace through secure online document sharing, information rights management, and other data protection services using the highly secure Brainloopdataroom environment making sharing documents using Brainloop easy.

[How To Photoshop] Change your hair color in Photoshop

Give your photograph a new and unique look by simply changing your hair color in photoshop. You can easily transform into blonde or rock purple!

1. Open the desired image in Adobe Photoshop. I will be using the one below in Photoshop CS4

Megan Fox black hair color
Megan Fox black hair color

2. Take a soft edged brush of small size by choosing the brush tool (B)

Radius: 15 px
Hardness: 0%

Choose small & soft brush
Choose small & soft brush

3. Press Q to get into quick mask mode and mark all hair portions of the image. Use eraser tool (E) for correcting wrongly marked areas of the image.

Note: In quick mask mode, the brush tool paints in color red.

Tip: Start with the edges, and then mark the inside area of  your image’s hair, as in the screenshots. Don’t forget the eyebrows

Select Hair with Quick Mask
Select Hair with Quick Mask

4. Press ‘Q’ again to exit quick mask mode. You will now see a selection around the hair. But since we need to select the hair, we will need to invert the selection. Select Marquee Tool(M) and right click on the image selection, now choose Select Inverse.


Select Inverse to select hair
Select Inverse to select hair

5. Now, go to Layer>New Fill Layer>Solid Color. A dialog box of New Layer will appear. Change the mode to soft lightand press OK.

Create a New Layer with Soft Light
Create a New Layer with Soft Light

6. The color picker will open up. Experiment with different colors and choose the one which suits your hair the best.

change hair color photoshop color picker

7. Now save your new look.

Megan Fox Purple Hair

Some Examples:

Hair color Collage
Hair color Collage


How to apply sketch effect in Photoshop

Here, I will show you how to very easily turn any picture into a sketch in Adobe Photoshop.

I somehow happened to spare myself some time from Trickvilla. Aimlessly surfing on Facebook,  I noticed that I had not updated my profile picture for quite a long time now.

Wondering what to upload next, I opened up my Adobe Photoshop CS5 and gave my current profile pic a new look by “sketching” it, virtually.

Have a look on how to do it:

  1. Open up an image in Photoshop
    Hilary Duff 
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+U to de-saturate it.
    Hilary Duff Desaturated 
  3. Press Ctrl+J to duplicate your original layer.
    Duplicate layer 
  4. Select your duplicate layer & press Ctrl+I to invert colors of your image.
    Hilary Duff inverted colors 
  5. Change the color mode of you duplicate layer to color dodge
    Color Dodge 
  6. Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. Keep trying different values for  radius to obtain a better sketch.
    My preferred radius:7.0
    Gaussian Blur
  7. Save your new sketch version of the image. 😉
    Hilary Duff Sketch


Video Tutorial for Sketch Effect

Create your own Run Command

I wondered if it was possible to make our own run commands. The commands you type into start>run in order to open a file.

Some examples (type the commands in bold into start>run):

  • mspaint will open up MS Paint
  • calc will open up MS Calculator
  • cmd will open up command prompt

Want to make your own run command to execute a specific document or any file?

Yes, its very simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Choose any file that you would like to create a run command for.
  • Right-click on that file and select create shortcut
  • The shortcut will be created in the same folder as your file. Copy and paste it to your windows folder. For most users, the Windows folder is in your C Drive.
  • Rename the file to anything you like.
    Example: Trickvilla
  • Now click on start, go to run and type the shortcut’s name into the dialog box that appears.
    Example: trickvilla
  • Hit Enter. Done! your file will open up!

Alternate method for advanced users

  1. Go to START and click on RUN
  2. Type regedit and press enter
    Warning: You are editing the registry, be careful. Do not edit anything else and follow our steps very carefully. We have included screenshots for your convenience.
  3. Double click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to expand it.
  4. Now, expand SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App paths
  5. Now right click on APP PATHS and select New > Key.
  6. Name the key to whatever you want your run command to be and end it with .exe i.e Your-run-command.exe
    For Eg. We’ll create a run command trickvilla.exe and will use it to open up Internet Explorer
  7. Now click on the newly created trickvilla key and on the right pane right click on Default and select Modify
    modify value
  8. In the value data field type the address of the program/application you want to open and click on OK.
    In our case, the program google chrome has the path C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
  9. Now again in the right hand panel, right click and select New> String Value. Then type the name of  the run command which in our case is trickvilla
    new string
  10. Now right click on the newly created string value and select modify. In the value data field type the same address as entered previously in step 8 and press OK.
    Eg: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
    modify string
  11. Now close Registry Editor and restart  you PC.
  12. Go to Start>Run
    Run your application
  13. Type the run command you created i.e. trickvilla and press enter
    The app opened through the newly created command

Bet you didn’t know these facebook smileys

I was once chatting with a friend on Facebook when i sent him a devil emoticon. He was shocked and desperately wanted to learn how to insert that rare emoticon. So I thought why not share it with you!

There are no options in Facebook Chat to put emoticons or smileys.

So, how to put emoticons during chat on Facebook? Try these emoticons and smileys and enjoy chatting with your friends on Facebook.

Just type the shortcut in Facebook chat to send a smiley. 😉

Any new additions to the list are most welcome. Please comment below.

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