Top 10 Hello Kitty Themes For Google Chrome

Hello Kitty, the popular cartoon character originally created by the Japanese company named Sanrio, is a very popular subject for themes and wallpapers for laptops and computers. The character is most popular in various Eastern Asian countries, especially China and Japan. But, the Hello Kitty themes are popular all over the world. People often search for these themes for various browsers, with Hello Kitty themes for Google Chrome being among the most popular. Given below is a list of some of the most attractive Hello Kitty themes for you to choose from. You can download them for free by clicking on the download link below each theme.

Best Looking Hello Kitty Chrome Skins

Hello Melody NI

Hello Melody NI Image Continue reading Top 10 Hello Kitty Themes For Google Chrome

How to Sync Wired and Wireless PS3 Controller?

Last night my friend invited me over to his place for some gaming sessions. I took along my Wireless Dual shock PS3 controller and he was ready with his wired gear. I always carry my own controller as this give me much control over my actions and button press. Changing controller usually take more time to adjust. However, controllers have memory settings which need to be wiped out before you can connect to a new console. Read on to know how I sync my PS3 controller with new consoles. Continue reading How to Sync Wired and Wireless PS3 Controller?

10 Best Screen Sharing Softwares

Since I started troubleshooting networks and remote systems I have noticed the desktop and screen sharing programs to be the most important way to get the task done. It makes the work easier as it retains the responsive environment under which both the users and the supporting staff can easily share data and guide each other. The screen sharing software is a must-have tool for both individual and team engaged in remote assistance. You can easily connect with systems across continents and work as if you are physically present before the remote machine itself. I have listed some of the most elite screen and desktop sharing programs which have made my life easier – Continue reading 10 Best Screen Sharing Softwares