6 Best PC Games of All Time

PC games have remained the mother of all gaming platforms irrespective of rapid popularity of Xbox, Play station and mobile gaming. There are hundreds of PC games that have ruled the chart and the hearts of the gamers all across the world. But in the array of all those games, there are some games which deserve a special place and remains favorite among all the generation of PC gamers. Here is a list of best PC of all time that has left an unshakable mark in the gaming world. Continue reading “6 Best PC Games of All Time”

8 Best Video Players for Android

Watching videos and movies on the android phones have become quite familiar today. Movies on mobile are now available in HD content and various other formats that make your device a mini home theater sort of stuff. But on many occasions, the regular video playing apps does not support multiple formats. Continue reading “8 Best Video Players for Android”

Tips on How to Save Data Usage

In the age of Android and iOS phones, most of the applications run on the internet which means they use your data plan heavily. In today’s date, the bills are escalating more on data usage rather than talk time which is burning a big hole in your pocket. Naturally, we all want to cut down the expenditure on our data plans and use it judiciously. If the expenses on data plan usage is also becoming a botheration for you, then use these data saving tips to reduce your mobile data expenditure. Continue reading “Tips on How to Save Data Usage”

7 Best Sharing Apps for Android Phones

Sharing data is a common norm for us as most of the time we tend to take videos, music, files and other things from one another that is stored on our phone. Earlier these things were being shared by the medium of Bluetooth only which used to be a lengthy process to download the data from one phone to another. But now the things have been simplified with the help of some data sharing apps that can transfer pictures, music files, documents or an entire app easily. So if you want to know which are the best sharing apps, you can install on your smartphone then go through the list given below. Continue reading “7 Best Sharing Apps for Android Phones”

How to Check Android for Virus

Virus issues not only bother your PC and laptop, but they can also create trouble for your Android phone as well.  The android phones also get infected by virus and malware attacks which can make them behave erratically. It can prove to be a big trouble for you, but the issue is that unlike computers, it is quite hard to understand that the phone is infected with a virus. It is a tricky problem but if you want to know how to check your Android phone for a virus, then see the things mentioned below. Continue reading “How to Check Android for Virus”