Microgaming’s Viper, HTML5 to enhance casino gaming experience at All Slots

Next month will see the launch of a Viper lobby design, newly renovated for the big occasion, at popular online casino All Slots, giving their players an early Christmas present that is sure to keep giving until well after the holidays.

Viper technology is a brain child of Microgaming software provider, especially designed to facilitate the management and care of a particularly wide customer base. That, of course, makes All Slots an ideal partner for the implementation. Founded in 2000, they are the biggest Online Slots Casino bar none and will be able to offer even better tailored customers care for their wide player base once on Viper.

Thanks to an excellent gaming experience full of fun and flawless play, All Slots has a loyal player base and is particularly popular with mobile punters, as their service for hand-held devices is unrivalled, regularly receives top review marks and is also a critic’s favourite.

Users of the new Viper lobby can look forward to a myriad of added-value features including a simplified and much improved navigation. Waiting and game loading times have been slashed and billboard updates now display much more quickly.

One of the highlights is the new featured games and promotion hub which collects all that is currently going on in an individual customers account in one neat place with easy access providing a great overview always only just one click away.  Your favourite games and the interactive section for new players are two further treats added into the bargain.

The latter will provide clear guidance throughout the all-important first steps in the world of All Slots online casino. Further aid is given by the new progress indicators, which clearly show new players the next steps to take.

As befits a true global player, All Slots are also improving their international offers and service. Swedish players, for example, will soon be able to enjoy the excitement of 14 new mobile games fully localised in their language in breath-taking full HD quality.

The latest English mobile version is already available to players and if more incentives are needed, the popular Mega Moolah jackpot is well on its way to reaching bursting point on HTML5, having long past the $5m mark. This is a fantastic chance to find out if hitting a life changing jackpot is even more fun in full HD.

Even without hitting the big one, playing this famous modern classic on Viper is an experience players won’t easily forget. Following its triumphant conquer of Java, Flash, Android AIR and WebApp platforms, iOS and Android users can now share in a gaming experience that is sure to make their eyes pop out. Animations smoother than ever and full sound effects all but degrade the chance to win a multi-million jackpot to a further feature.

Make sure you go where the players always come first and be amazed by the latest innovations in mobile and online gaming: Check out All Slots!

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Top mobile apps for music downloads

The way in which music has been recorded and listened to has changed over the period of a century and a half. First there were cylinder recordings, then the phonograph, then the audio cassette, ten the CD—and now the countless recordings, both old and new, that can be listened to on YouTube, Grooveshark, MySpace and other websites. Countless apps have also been designed for people to download the music that they like and listen to it over and over again, all the while “on the go.” I will describe some of the top ones here, and leave it to you to judge which is the kind for you. Just remember that you will need your headphones to listen to it!

Grooveshark Mobile

I mentioned Grooveshark among the music downloading websites above. On such sites the user can organize his songs into playlists to make them easier to find—I myself have playlists for country, bluegrass, oldies, rock music, rap music, ragtime and jazz, Spanish-language music, folk music and many others. With the mobile app, available at mobile.grooveshark.com and compatible with the Palm, Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone and other Android devices, you can take that music with you and “experience music without borders.” (The Nokia platform, though, is no longer in active development.)


Unlike YouTube and Grooveshark, Rhapsody is a service that you have to subscribe to, at a cost of $5 per month, and is available in the United States only. Their mobile app have also been created and is available at http://www.rhapsody.com/what-is-rhapsody/where/mobileapps.html for a free trial. If you are a member, then you can download the music directly to your phone.

Music Oasis

Music from this site can be heard in high quality. No purchase or registration in necessary and no restrictions apply. All the recordings are in the forms of mp3s. The app can be downloaded from http://www.music-oasis.com/download/Audio/Music-Oasis/?f=WTy8ubMkS&a=6591&adid=14741169320.

Google Play

The Android Market has recently been acquired by Google and taken on the new name of Google Play. You can get millions of songs and channels free of advertisements, but you need a premium subscription. You can view new releases and search for songs in the collection or in your library. May be downloaded at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sony.snei.mu.phone&hl=en.

Other apps are also marketed at Google Play, including Royal Hip Hop, from the world’s number one site for rap and hip hop music (99¢), and Mobion Music Premium, where you can create your own functions and add them to your playlist, create karaoke lyrics and use a music auto-correct feature to make any corrections to your music data.

Freeware Pocket PC

A number of apps may be acquired from freewarepocketpc.net. One is Open Web Radio, on which you can listen to Internet radio in almost any country in the world. More than 7,000 stations are included. The modern version includes corrections to errors from the previous one. Open Web Radio has received a rating of three and a half stars.

Elephy Engine, whose logo is an elephant, lets you search for mp3 files online with its search engine, to which the app’s makers are currently trying to add more sites. All sites are sought for the desired file so that you can have it within a second! This will save you a great deal of time going from one site to another in search of something that you want to hear. Rating: two and a half stars.

SciLorsGrooveMobile, currently in its alpha version, is also a Grooveshark application for Windows Mobile. Both local and online playlists are included.

Many music storeowners are concerned about the proliferation of music downloads. They fear that it is bad for their business. Why buy CDs from a store when you can get their contents for free online? The local music storeowner in my hometown has a sign behind him on the wall that says, “SAY NO TO DOWNLOADS.” I really think that downloads are a great thing to have—after all, you only get want you want and if you dislike something, no money has been wasted.

Katelyn is a social media blogger for free music download sites, helping users download  mp3 music downoads from BearShare for free

5 Reasons to Go Green by Using Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has many benefits, but one of the least obvious advantages is that cloud-based applications are green—meaning, they conserve energy and reduce unnecessary environmental waste. Here’s why.

1.       Improved energy efficiency

Despite the vast amounts of data that is processed on some cloud servers, the total energy use is much lower when compared to comparable on-premise programs. Take Google, for instance. The New York Times points out that Google’s servers refresh 20 billion pages every day and process 100 billion search queries each month. You would think this massive data processing would consume a significant amount of electricity and energy, but it actually requires very little.

There’s also no need for a massive room to house on-premise servers, which must be cooled to maintain proper operating temperatures for server equipment. This cuts down significantly on cooling costs as well as electricity.

2.       Lower hardware and software demands

Cloud computing reduces the need to exhaust your company’s resources on things like hardware and software development. Some companies can drastically reduce the demands on an in-house IT department or even eliminate the need for in-house IT resources altogether.Cloud Computing

3.       Save money

Costs for cloud-based applications are lower, because every end user contributes to the cost of the initial development and maintenance. The same efforts done once are applied across multiple end users, resulting in a fraction of the costs of on-premise programs. Your business can also easily scale cloud-based applications to suit your needs, even if they change on a month-to-month basis. You’re paying only for the data storage you need—never more.

4.       Multi-device access saves time

Cloud applications can be accessed from any device with a mobile connection, without the need to install software programs (or develop mobile-friendly applications). Mobile devices don’t require a continuous power supply like desktop computers do, so this feature means additional energy savings. However, it also means increased productivity thanks to reduced administrative demands. Because all your files are up-to-date anytime you access an in-cloud app, your team will be spending less time coordinating file updating among themselves, and more time on the task at hand.

5.       Larger, cloud-focused organizations invest in clean energy and renewable resources

By using cloud applications, you’re contributing to the use of renewable resources as a means of energy. A recent Greenpeace report shows that Yahoo gets most of its electricity from clean and renewable resources, and others like it (including Google and Facebook) are beginning to focus more on renewable energy sources. That means by using the cloud, your financial contribution goes toward shifting the World’s total energy usage further into the green—and the more you choose cloud-based apps over on-premise apps, the more energy you’re saving.

The benefits are clear: Save yourself and your company money, time and other assets by using the cloud, while at the same time cutting down on total energy consumption and pushing towards reducing dependency on traditional sources of energy. Support for those companies who focus on powering their server farms with clean energy is a trend that will continue among eco-minded enterprises.

Robert Stanley is a content producer at ClickSoftware, a field service management software company which also offers a variety of resources on capacity planning, mobile workforce management, and mobile business apps.