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Android Problems That Can Irritate You

No gadget is absolutely flawless, and the same thing goes for android phones too. The smartphones have made our life much easier regarding communication, social networking and with apps that help us to do shopping, find direction and control the security of our homes. But even after all this, the android system is not completely bug-free, and it can create some really irritating issues. Now if you are wondering why my phone keeps glitching, then below are some of the common troubleshooting problems that every Android phone owner has come across or can face in the future. Continue reading Android Problems That Can Irritate You

Best Messenger App for Android

Messenger apps have become the most important app on our phone since it has become a daily part of our life. They are just not limited to sending text messages now but have become an important tool for social networking with global connectivity. You can share everything right from pictures, videos, emojis, voice messages and many other things with the help of these apps. You will also find many messaging apps with distinct features that will make your conversations and share quite lively. So here are some of the best messaging apps that you can download on your android phone for an outstanding social network experience. Continue reading Best Messenger App for Android

Top Music Players for Android

When a music lover buys an Android phone, he or she primarily check the music playing apps installed on the phone to get the best sound quality out of it.  Apart from the preloaded music apps, there are several music player apps available in the Google Play store which can be downloaded to stream your favorite music online or play the mp3 files stored on your SD card. These apps carry a number of features that can streamline your favorite songs and also enhance the sound output at the same time. Hence for all the music lovers out there, here is some best music playing apps that you can install on your Android phone. Continue reading Top Music Players for Android