Android Problems That Can Irritate You

Android Wifi Connection Problem

No gadget is absolutely flawless, and the same thing goes for android phones too. The smartphones have made our life much easier regarding communication, social networking and with apps that help us to do shopping, find direction and control the security of our homes. But even after all this, the android system is not completely bug-free, and it can create some really irritating issues. Now if you are wondering why my phone keeps glitching, then below are some of the common troubleshooting problems that every Android phone owner has come across or can face in the future.

Problems of Mobile Phones

1. Memory Issues

Smart Phone Problems

One thing that we all hate to see on our android phone is low memory status.  Many smart phones do not come with a generous internal or expandable memory option. The apps get updated on a regular basis and consume the memory along with the old junk files of your photos, music that you have stored. Naturally, it will lower your memory storage, and it might even lead to the hanging of your phone.

This really feels quite irritating, and it affects the performance of your phone as well. To avoid this issue clear out the junk files and create a back up of your photos in cloud services like Dropbox or Google photos.  Shift your apps on your SD card to keep the internal memory clutter free.

2. Slow Android

Fix Slow Android

Another major issue that bothers the Android users is a slow speed.  It often happens due to pile up of unused apps that unnecessarily puts a burden on the RAM and the processor. In some case, the apps take a hell of a time to open up which makes the process even slower. It often leads to the hanging of phone as well which can annoy the user greatly.

To fix the slow android problem, you need to uninstall the unused apps or download Clean Master which will help in cleaning the junk from your phone.

3. Download Problems

Why Does My Phone Not Download Apps

At times the android phones are unable to download apps from the Google Play Store.  The corrupt cache of your phone or the low internal memory sometimes may cause this issue. To get rid of this problem you need to go the app setting of your phone and erase the cache data. Another method to resolve this quandary is to clear the Google Play store history. So in future, if you face the problem in downloading apps on your android phone, then use these methods to solve the issue.

4. Wi-Fi Problem

Android Wifi Connection Problem

It is a peculiar problem with android phone many users might be unaware of.  Most of the applications of the android phone run on data connectivity, be it on operators network or Wi-Fi connection. But on many occasion, the data connection switches automatically from Wi-Fi to the cellular connection when the phone goes into sleep mode. This is indeed an annoying issue, and many people don’t have a clue why it happens.

It happens due to the Wi-Fi sleep policy of Android and to sort out this Wi-Fi connection problem you just need to go the advanced Wi-Fi setting. After that, set keep Wi-Fi on during sleep to “NEVER” and the switch won’t occur again.

5. Auto Correct

Android Keyboard Problem

Sometimes you type something but it gets texted something else, and your whole sentence forms a different meaning. It generally happens due to the auto correct option of the keyboard which gives words suggestions for miss-spelled and often inserts them too during typing.

If this is irritating you then you can stop it by long pressing on the keyboard and remove this option. It usually works on popular keyboard apps such as Gboard, Swiftkey, and Ginger.

6. Apps Not Responding

Why Do My Apps Keep Stopping

The apps of the android phones at times behaves erratically like aborting itself without any reason, and the ads displayed on them does not allow you to operate the app.  If it is a reoccurring thing with your phone, then you need to reboot your phone in safe mode. Once you do that, it will disable all the third party apps, and you can easily tap on the uninstall button for removing the unwanted applications.

7. Games Stop Working

Android Bugs

The most annoying thing is that when you download your favorite game and you are not able to play it because it gets hanged or does not run at all. Now before you hurl your phone in frustration, know the actual reason behind it. The problem occurs due to OS compatibility of the mobile or insufficient RAM space which creates a problem in the smooth running of the game. So before downloading the game, check your memory status and OS to avoid such issue.

8. Google Account Problem Android

Google Android gmail id Problems

It happens with many users as their android phone does not sync with Google server. The problem is irritating but is not irresolvable. You first need to check, whether by any chance you have changed your password. In case the issue continues, the put the mobile in flight mode for 30 seconds and attempt again to sync it. You can also delete the Google account and try login again.

Hence these are some of the common issues that any android user usually faces and the above methods given along will be able to resolve these problems.

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