7 Bad Apps That Can Harm Your Smartphone

Bad App Ideas

Most of you download several apps to your smartphone which you think can be useful for you. Some of them are used for your daily purpose, some for entertainment and few for technical purpose. You think that you are staying updated in this technological revolution but little do you know that many applications can actually harm your mobile phone. It can be shocking to you that the very app that you have downloaded to improve your mobile’s performance damages your phone’s shelf-life to a great extent. If you are unaware of such thing till now, then see the below list of bad apps that you should not download or uninstall from your phone right now to save it from further damage.

Bad Apps


1. Ram Booster Apps

Bad Apps To Download

There are several RAM booster apps in the Google Play Store which claims to optimize your RAM and memory space which in turn can enhance the performance of your phone. But in reality, they create a hindrance in the smooth functioning of your phone. The apps which run in the background need to restart again after you close them and this consumes a good amount of battery and memory. It makes your phone unstable rather than improving its performance. Therefore these RAM boosting apps only unnecessarily occupy your memory without doing any fruitful work for your phone.

2. Clean Master

Android Phone Applications

It is yet another app that promises to boost your phone’s performance, but in fact, the app does nothing for it. The app is a popular one and has around 600 million users worldwide. The problem with the app is that is made by Cheetah Mobile which packs a hoard of ads, bloat-ware and nag screens which not only suck your data but drains your battery as well.  Hence it becomes more of a headache rather than any help. Therefore it is suggested not to install this app on your phone to avoid such issues.

3. UC Browser

Bad Android Apps List

It is one of the most popular browser apps, especially in the Indian subcontinent. It claims to be having a “fast mode” that helps you to save your data consumption due to its compression feature. Though it is great, the app comes with a major flaw, and that is tracking. The app compromises your mobile’s data security as it sends your search queries to Yahoo and Google without any encryption. Moreover, your instrument’s IMSI, IMEI number, and Wi-Fi MAC ID can be traced easily by Umeng (an Alibaba analytics tool) along with transmitting the user’s geolocation data to AMAP (Alibaba mapping tool). Hence to avert this problem, it is better to use Chrome or Firefox to browse net on the mobile.

4. QuickPic

Known Bad Android Apps

Overall the app is user-friendly and easy to use photo gallery. Its interface is not flashy, and the clear communication with regular updates developed a stable growth in its user base. But the issue with this app is that Cheetah Mobile has purchased it recently, and they started uploading the user’s data on their own servers.

Ultimately they started introducing additional ads in the app which made it annoyingly slow and painful to operate. As a result, it spikes the data and battery usage which is a negative aspect of this app. So even being a good app, it is suggested to keep away from this app due to the additional issues.

5. ES File Explorer

Bad App Ideas

It was quite a popular app for file exploring purpose, but its free version is now stuffed with unnecessary bloat-ware and ad-ware. Apart from that, it also nags you constantly to download additional apps via non-disable-able notification pop up bars.

Instead of this app, you can opt for other file explorer apps like OI file manager or FX file manager if you don’t want to face the nagging issue of ES File Explorer.

6. Music Player

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Before downloading this app, please read the reviews carefully as you will understand why it is not recommended to keep the app on your mobile. It does play your music, but it comes it a heavy baggage of ads and disturbingly from a user standpoint. The app consumes both data and battery heavily leading to a quick drain out of power from the mobile.

7. Anti-Virus App

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Almost every antivirus maker has developed an app for your smartphone’s security purpose. It is not entirely bad but to some extent an unnecessary thing to install on your phone. There are some warnings that you have to keep in mind while installing these things. Like if you opt for an antivirus from a third party source apart from Google Play Store, there is a chance that your phone might get exposed to malware on which even Google may not have any control. So in case you are installing an antivirus on your phone, then cross-check its authenticity or download it from Google Play Store only.

There are plenty of apps that you should avoid installing on your phone to keep it functioning soundly and without problems. Primarily, just keep in mind the above list of apps, and even if you have installed them on your phone, it shall be wise to uninstall these apps as soon as possible.

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